Letters : Clean water

21:37, Feb 07 2013
Logan Barnes
Cool Off: Logan Barnes, 9, paddles on his boogie board a few weeks ago while his mother Kelly Henderson takes a dip at the Craiglochart swimming hole in the Waihopai River, up the Waihopai Valley south of Blenheim.

Clean water

What a cracker letter Lloyd Hanson wrote [Express, January 21].

The bacteria counts at Craiglochart on the Waihopai sound rubbish. There's fewer cows and sheep in the Waihopai Valley than 20 years ago. And the council is quick out of the blocks to blame the poor old farmer.

That to the side, Lloyd mentioned sewage going into the lower Wairau. He might have mentioned sewage going in near Picton, too.

The council is mucking the environment up so I reckon it's a bit two-faced to wrongly chuck blame at farmers.

Does the council realise duck shooters' dogs in the lower Wairau had cuts turn septic?


What about Doctor's Creek? Even after weeks of no rain, it is cloudy.

In turn, the Taylor River through town is murky.

I heard dogs have got crook after being in Doctor's Creek and even one or two died. The Taylor River through town used to be 100 per cent clear. Now it's grey murk.

Clean, green Marlborough? Yeah, right.

C'mon, Mr Mayor and council, what are you going to do about our rivers?



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