Letters : No names, please

20:11, Feb 17 2013

No names, please

I would like to take issue with the last paragraph of your article "Private jet flies mystery visitors" [Express, February 14]. I hope nobody answers your request to name the people shown in the photograph or to tell you of visiting celebrities to the region.

Let these people be and allow them to enjoy our lovely province in peace and quiet and not be hounded by the press or anyone else for that matter.

I for one would certainly not tell the press if I saw anyone "famous" around the area. I have not done in the past and will not in the future.




Vineyard pay

I met and had the pleasure of working for Prubhjit Singh five years ago as a new resident of Marlborough.

I worked for him for four weeks picking grapes and pruning second fruiting from the vines.

Hard work and we were required to arrive at his house at 6.20am ready to start work. After picking other staff up and driving to a vineyard we would actually get paid from when we started - ie 8.30 or 9am and working till 4.30 to 5pm. We would finally get back to Blenheim about 6pm or later quite often. I finally got paid for one of those weeks I worked.



Herby recovering

Thank you, all those who were concerned about Herby ["Hooked Herby saved by vet", Express, February 13]. He is making a good recovery and is desperate to chase rabbits already - quite hard when he is on lead walks for only 10 minutes.

I would also like to apologise to all the responsible fishing fraternity. I have good friends among you and it's the few who spoil it for everyone.

I have not asked for a total fishing ban on the Taylor River. We all have rights of access to our waterways.

What I have suggested to Rosie Bartlett is that fishing be restricted in the Taylor Reserve, between Raupo and the turning off to Benmorven.

It is also where pied stilts are trying to set up their new territory and most of the pied shags, herons and kingfishers are in this area.

This is where most families with little children and pets enjoy their family time.



Clifford Bay

In regards to the Clifford Bay ferry terminal proposal, your newspaper has not yet reported the views of the Picton Save the Sounds organisation, who don't like ferries cruising to and from the Picton rail ferry terminal.

Save the Sounds obviously forgets the employment opportunities that the interisland ferries provide.

I know when I travel through Picton I can't wait to get out of the place, preferring to spend my spare time in Havelock, Blenheim or Kaikoura.

The Clifford Bay terminal is an excellent idea, as there is less time travelling Cook Strait, especially when it is rough.



Drinking water

In the piece on how much water Kiwis drink each day ["Boring water good for you", Express, February 12] you advise that "the recommended daily intake is eight glasses". Alas, you have been misinformed.

The "eight glasses a day myth" has absolutely no scientific validity. Even the largest textbook of human physiology will make no mention of eight (or any other number) of glasses of water required per day. It's poppycock.

That it has proved to be such a durable myth is probably in large part because of it being pushed hard by purveyors of bottled water (note that the survey you quote was commissioned by Sodastream NZ).

A much better story to pursue would be the stupidity and waste of an industry that puts water that is no "healthier" than what comes out of the tap into bottles made from fossil fuels, most of which end up soon after in landfills. We buy this water at thousands of times its actual cost, and contribute to environmental degradation in the process.

Go figure. We'll be buying air next.

When I was a kid we just drank water from the tap, and just when we were thirsty. I don't recall anyone dying from inadvertent dehydration.



Park beauty

Congratulations to the council reserves and amenities team who look after Pollard Park.

Last Sunday afternoon we attended the lovely summer concert series event in the park and the visual beauty of the flowerbeds and park grounds really added to the entire experience. The grounds staff can be really proud of the quality of the floral display, especially given how dry this summer has been. Well done and thank you.

And while offering positive feedback, the new addition to the cycle trail from Riverlands School to the Riverlands industrial estate is a great new asset to the district. It was nice to see families out cycling safely together on the pathway last weekend.

The ride or walk out from town and back is of easy contour and provides a great off-road trail for children to learn to ride.

Get out and see for yourself and enjoy a very pleasant evening walk or ride before daylight saving ends.



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