Letters - Rude cyclist

20:14, Feb 25 2013

Rude cyclist

A blind man was making his way along the Taylor River, his white cane visibly sweeping the concrete path. A support worker accompanied him.

A well-dressed middle-aged cyclist wearing full protection gear, including a high-vis vest, approached. He refused to veer off the track, physically clipping the support person. On being challenged, the cyclist swore at the walkers by ramming a finger into the air. This shows an alarming, disabling lack of compassion.

The river track is a wonderful community asset, there for all to enjoy. It is common sense that those who are physically fit and able should give way to people who are not. Impairments can be hidden - a walker with headphones may not hear a bicycle bell or horn. Someone with a heart condition may not be as nimble as a speeding cyclist.

Do we need a sign up to say that cyclists need to leave the track where there are pedestrians? Cyclists Give Way?

I enjoyed a magnificent bike ride along the river recently, my dog at my side. The council is to be congratulated for providing such a great path. To be out in the fresh air, beside sparkling water, enjoying nature, getting fit, greeting others along the way, all without adding to carbon emissions - glorious! May our whole community be able to share in this.



CCS Disability Action

Blenheim Getting value

Mrs Dasler's call to pay higher wages and improve the lives and dignity of working people in Marlborough, is long overdue, and urgently required. [Pay your staff more, February 22]. The question is how can we improve the long-term wealth, health and dignity of Marlborough's working people?

The answer is simple and glaringly obvious: firstly, we need to construct a world-class business innovation hub and extract the maximum value from Marlborough's greatest, most unique, sustainable resource, its people. The innovation hub will provide seed capital and teach many of the disciplines and skills required by its people to trade and excel on the world stage.

Secondly, our leaders need to tirelessly work towards establishing a harmonised, affordable, fair, simple, patent system with effective and affordable legal enforcement mechanisms "that provides affordable, fair and simple enforcement of IP rights in China and the SE Asian region via the use of the English language."


Sunnybank Hill


Jeff Hart, receiver for Diesel Deliverance [Diesel blame on non-payers, February 22] claims the problem was non-payment for fuel. What percentage of those non-payments was controlled by other receivers and out of town accountants?

Local growers need their frost fans filled and would expect to pay. I remember similarly being told: "You can get pruning done". The receiver didn't say he'd pay for it, though, and admitted he didn't intend to pay.



The Marlborough Express