Letters: Wairau Hospital

19:12, Feb 26 2013

Room to move

As one who has had some experience with salt water may I add to the debate one factor which I have not seen mentioned so far.

Ships have developed greatly in recent times. They have better propulsion, navigation and manoeuvring capabilities but they have also become larger and carry greater amounts of fuel and cargo.

So while they have become safer and more reliable, they also create greater damage and disaster when those fewer risks become real.

Ships also follow Murphy's law - if things can go wrong, they will go wrong.

There are records of ships grounding or near collisions in Tory Channel. If there is a major event in the Sounds, the damage could be of Rena proportions to marine farms and tourist numbers.


The Clifford Bay proposal offers those in the trade what seamen value most highly - sea room.

That is space and depth of water to avoid or recover from any unwelcome situation of weather, collision or grounding.

If the worst does happen then pollution and any other damaging effects would be much less in the unconfined ocean.



Measured response

I wish to say thank you for your paper's mature reporting of the updates regarding Stewart Murray Wilson. In reporting the developments last week, many papers across the country used the term "Beast" in their headlines.

Those that did not used the phrase "Wilson, dubbed the Beast of Blenheim", as a toss-away comment.

I find the defamation of any person in the national media extremely offensive. I consider the perpetuation of the "dubbed" phrase to fit within this category. It is wholly unnecessary.

Only one paper (the New Zealand Herald) did not use this phrase at all in their article.

Many thanks for your measured response.



Home builder

I was surprised and somewhat amazed on reading an article in the Express (The Art of Home Design, Marlborough Express, February 22), this being the beautiful home at Delta Lake Heights.

Too bad the owners didn't see fit to credit their son-in-law, builder Aaron Blisset, for his construction and input into their upmarket home.



Wairau Hospital

I have in the past had to have urgent surgery at Wairau Hospital. I was admitted at 9am on a Sunday and was in the theatre being operated on by 11am.

Once again I had to have another urgent operation, which was performed at 5.30am.

Had a transfer to Nelson been needed, I doubt I would be writing this letter.

The need for a fully serviced hospital will only get greater as our population ages and increases.

If the need is not there, why the waiting lists? Just try getting a date for a scan.

I waited six weeks without a date and then was only scanned when my condition became so bad I was sent to Nelson by ambulance.

Where are you Colin King, Alistair Sowman and councillors. Represent the people who elected you!



Poll results

Are you aware that newspapers, television channels, councils, government bodies and many others in between are missing a whole demographic when conducting surveys and polls using online or texting for poll results?

There are many of us, by no means all grey haired, who do not have computers or internet access, nor text, but do have equally valid views.

So percentages and opinions so often quoted are therefore not all true or a fair representation of the general populace.



The Marlborough Express