Letters : Traffic worries

18:58, Jan 23 2014

‘Exceptional' talent

For more than 35 years I have been travelling New Zealand, judging at the many country music awards that are held in both the North and South islands. I have been to Blenheim many times to judge at your Gourmet Paradise awards, and I was here in that capacity last weekend.

These awards are always a highlight in my judging calendar, but never more so than this year. This year has been exceptional in every regard.

I would like to make it known to all of your readers just how professionally these awards are run, and the entertainment value of the finals concert was superb.

The convenor, John Galloway, and his tiny dynamic committee of five lovely ladies (plus some very dedicated helpers) are to be commended for their production of this hugely successful event. Mere congratulations seem entirely inadequate - they all deserve a medal.

My family and I look forward to returning to Blenheim in January 2015 to attend the 24th Gourmet Paradise Awards.



Country music awards judge

Palmerston North

Traffic worries

I was not able to attend the colleges meeting on Monday night, so I have no knowledge of any discussion that went on there.

An important point to me is the matter of traffic congestion.

The two colleges on one site will mean double the number of cars turning off and on to Nelson St, double the number of bicycles doing the same, and double the number of buses at the same time. Where would there be sufficient parking?

Add to this double the number of teenage pedestrians trying to cross Nelson St. Remember, it is part of State Highway 6.

How long would it be before accidents would occur?

With all due respect to our mayor, we do not need more information at this stage.

We need a very strong protest from the Marlborough District Council.

Surely Marlborough Roads has traffic statistics to support my claim that there would be major road congestion at the Nelson St-McLauchlan St corner.

The police would surely not support a hazardous traffic situation.

Come on, folks. Let common sense prevail for once. Make a submission against our being faced with two colleges on one site. You have two weeks to send a submission.

Another major concern is the "No pot of gold". The Education Ministry has adopted the big boss "Do as you are told" attitude if you want new buildings.

No open consultation on that. Modern democracy in action.



Freedom campers

We would like to commend the council for providing parking areas for campers, cars, station wagons and vans for overnight stays in Marlborough.

Common sense should prevail. Rather than close or ban these stopover areas, make them more traveller-friendly with toilets and rubbish containers.

This is a fast-growing industry and is not going away - it is increasing.

The income from these people is huge. They all eat, buy food and fuel and use tourist facilities. Why not keep it in our area?

These people are never going to stay in private camps because of the cost.

Are they not better to be in designated areas rather than parked up a side road, defecating behind bushes?

The majority of vehicles staying [at Koromiko Reserve] are not self-contained, and are obviously the biggest problem if these areas are not provided.



The Marlborough Express