Infected leg puts gymnast's competition hopes in doubt

22:14, Jul 21 2014
Jacqui Marfell
SETBACK: Former Blenheim gymnast Anna Tempero is getting around the athletes’ village on crutches.

Former Blenheim gymnast Anna Tempero has required minor surgery on an infected leg and is in a race against time to be ready for the Commonwealth Games gymnastics competition.

The New Zealand medical team is optimistic she will be able to compete in the Games and the gymnastics is not until the second week of the event so there is time to recover.

The 19-year-old, originally from Blenheim but now living in Christchurch, developed what a New Zealand Olympic Committee spokesperson called a "nasty infection above her knee" just before she left New Zealand for the Games.

When she arrived in Scotland her initial improvements plateaued and she required minor surgery.

Tempero is now on crutches, but called the infection a "major setback".

"As the flights got longer my knee got worse and worse," she wrote on her Facebook page.


She has been on antibiotics, multiple blood tests and injections as well as an MRI scan and two procedures.

"Unfortunately none of this worked as well as it should have so I ended up spending a couple of nights in the Royal Glasgow Infirmary to get the infection surgically removed," she said.

And while the medical team were confident Tempero would compete, the athlete herself was less so. "My chances of competing aren't very high at the moment," she wrote.

"But I'm not giving up yet and I'm going to do everything I can to get out there on the competition floor." Fairfax NZ

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