Bulfin completes qualifying mission

The Marlborough Endurance and Trail Club were in action before Christmas with two days of rides at Sweetstream in the Waihopai Valley.

On Saturday, December 20, a few hardy competitors turned out for the club's annual endurance ride, with distances ranging from 25km to 80km. The following day was the preferred choice for most, however, with 42 horse-and-rider combinations opting for the timed competitive trail riding event.

Saturday's 80km event was won by Marlborough club member Heidi Bulfin, guiding Stonelea Sparkling Rose around the three-loop ride, closely followed by Nelson Lakes' Alison Higgins on Twynham El Desiree.

Neither were in a hurry with qualifying being their main goal and they finished in just over seven hours.

The 42km two loop ride was won by track marker Linda Harmon, riding MF Shaheen.

Sioban Harnett riding Jed, and Gary Newlove teaming up with Stafford, both had successful completions in the 25km intro event for qualifying only.

Sunday's competitors opted mainly for the 17km rides with 29 entries in novice and four in novice training.

It proved another good day at the office for Joanne Worsley and Maggie, taking out the novice ride with just 70 faults.Novice training was won by Waihopai Valley's Angela Sloane, on Eli.

Another Waihopai Valley rider claimed the novice intermediate 25km event, making it a good day for the locals - Earl Paewai and Weka were first-time entrants but this didn't stop them and they finished with a score of 97.

Nelson's Sarah Wilkins, riding Rainmaker Warrior, travelled over the hill in the hope of qualifying for the upcoming South Island champs, and was successful, winning the 25km intermediate event with 83 faults. Christchurch's Emma Burden, and her mare Rufina Rain, competed in the 38km open event and finish first on 124.

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Full results:


80km Endurance: Heidi Bulfin - Stonelea Sparkling Rose, 1st. 7.11.33; Alison Higgins - Twynham El Desiree, 2nd. 7.11.34. 42km Endurance: Linda Harmon - MF Shaheen, 1st. 3.18.05; Anna Hynes - Rutherglen Jack, 2nd. 3.18.34; Donna Boyd - Euralea Emagine, 3rd. 3.19.09

25km Endurance: Sioban Harnett - Jed, Q. 2.23.06; Gary Newlove - Stafford, Q. 2.30.40.


17km Novice CTR: Maggie - Joanne Worsley 70 1; Bill - Monique Biss 85 2; Stellar - Hefina Malone 86 3; Lucy - Stephen Webb 86 3; Monty - Barbara Sisson 86 3; Chimes - Alison Moores 87 4; Bye Jingo - Fi Campbell 87 4; Katie - Danielle Murphy 88 5; Kara - Chris Worsley 90 6; Hundalee Pilot - Sally Blunt 90 6; Hundalee Chloe-Lee - Jenny Wards 90 6; Ella - Sharee Vitale 91 Q; Holly Holt - Jennie Holt 95 Q; Kash - Teresa Montgomery 96 Q; Burlesque - Charlotte Wadsworth 96 Q; Travelling Wilbury - Sylvia Clark 96 Q; Bertie - Karin Mosley 96 Q; Winston - Claire Smith 100 Q; Cheyenne - Fiona Bowler 100 Q; Mikimoto Frost - Carole Buck 100 Q; Taliban - Sadie Buck 102 Q; Sox - Maree Davidson 105 Q; Gumbooya Kameko - Dean Nicholls 105 Q; Moss - Annabel Randall 105 Q; Sunny Brae Amelia - Marie Peart 106 Q; Ben Franklin - Stacey Illot 107 Q; Mac - Lawrence Randall 114 Q. Novice Training 17km CTR: Eli - Angela Sloane 100 1; Littles - Lynne Corrin 126 2; Jimmy - Kirby Best 128 3; Kaimanawa Disciple - Kelly Anne Rasmussen 133 4. Novice Intermediate 25km CTR: Weka - Earl Paewai 1; Tess - Anna Eatherly 103 2; Buddy - Lee Oldfield 104 3. Intermediate 25km CTR: Rainmaker Warrior - Sarah Wilkin 83 1; Xavier Cheerokee - Missy Green 98 2; Tampa De Oro - Pam Harris 100 3; Zena Warrior - Dave Lock 108 4; Stonelea Foxy Lady - Sophie Harris 114 5. Open 38km CTR: Rufina Rain - Emma Burden 124 1.

 - The Marlborough Express

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