Tight games mark week

21:41, May 31 2012

It has been another week of torrid battles in Marlborough Squash's winter pennant competition.

In the women's grade the games started with an upset as Tash Flynn from Doris's Girls played a blinder against higher graded JAMY's Janet Udy, winning 3-1. Kiri McDermott from KiNiKs beat Delicious' Paula Bavin in a tough five sets.

In the men's games Steve Turrell from Pete Flynn Painters recovered from 1-2 down against Phil Kilgour (Kono) to take the win in five tough sets. Tamati Te Tua from Team 9 easily beat

Nigel Pinkerton of Team 3.

Team points after five weeks:

Premier women: Mighty Four 57; Hoodwinked 47; Doris's Girls 46; The Avengers 44; JAMY 44; Mixed Bag 29.


Division one women: Team 6 51; Wairau Warriors 50; Vicious & Delicious 42; Cloudy Bay Babes 42; KiNiKs 39; Awesome Foursome 38.

Premier men: Kono 59; Woodstock 52; Pete Flynn Painters 45; The Runts 42; Mitch & Mates 40; Gareth Root Painters 37.

Division one men: T1 54; T5 51; T9 44; T3 40; T8 39; T7 36; T4 29; T2 28; T6 15.

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