Van Bruggen and Greene impressive

Preliminary horse riders Janna Greene and Nikky Van Bruggen were two of the notable performers when Marlborough Dressage held the third round of the Lucas Saddlery Winter Series at Omaka on Sunday.

Aboard Grandiosie, Greene scored an impressive 76.52 to take out the class four 1.5 open test, while Van Bruggen and Alfie won the class three 1.1 test with 71.36. Greene also finished second in the 1.1 test, with Van Bruggen third behind Anna Gale, on Hawthorn Annie, in the 1.5 open test.

Two other riders to impress were Patrick Redwood and Helena van Velthooven.

Redwood, riding Kitset, claimed a narrow victory in the class five level two 2.2 open test ahead of Rose Prendeville, on SE Grissini, and Gale on Walk the Line.

Van Velthooven and mount Baltimore IV collected a win and a second placing in the level two restricted class.

Results: Class 5AP, level two pony 2.2 CN-C3: Jess Sonne, Showtym Nip N Tuck 63.55. Class 5AH, level two horse 2.2 CN-C3: Victoria Bayley, Buckton Nomadus 66.13. Class five, level two horse 2.2 open: Patrick Redwood, Kitset 70.32. Class seven, level three 3.1: Sharon Inwood, Akkron 68.2. Class 14, level six 6.4: Nicky Hedley, A Dellamour 61.13. Class 4AH, level one horse 1.5 CN-C2: Louise Large, William Cody 66.09. Class 4AP, level one pony 1.5 CN-C2: Evie McPherson, Desert Road 55.22. Class 4AP, level one pony 1.5 open: Monica Lewis, Kashmere Lad 68.26. Class four, level one horse 1.5 open: Janna Greene, Grandiosie 76.52. Class 13, level six 6.1: Anna Gale, Caithness Classical 62.02. Class 15, level seven 7.2: Robynne Fraser, French Falcon 64.49. Class 3A, level one horse 1.1 CN-C2: Louise Large, William Cody 64.09. Class three, level one 1.1: Nikky Van Bruggen, Alfie 71.36. Class 3P, level one pony 1.1: Sarah Roughton, Raptures Unforgettable 69.09. Class 3P, level one pony 1.1 CN-C2: Evie McPherson, Desert Road 58.18. Class 6AP, level two pony CN-C3 2.4: Jess Sonne, Let's get Smart 65.00. Class six, level two horse 2.4: Anna Gale, Walk the line 70.00. Class 6A, level two horse CN-C3 2.4: Helena Van Velthooven, Baltimore IV 65.77. Class eight, level three 3.5: Jo Wadworth, World Ovation 67.69. Class 1H, training horse 0.1: Anna Wilkinson, Blue Magic 70. Class 1P, training pony 0.1: Charlotte Wadworth, MF Zanbuck 78. Class 2H, training horse 0.3: Anna Wilkinson, Blue Magic 64. Class 2P, training pony 0.3: Holly Blake, Buckton Alexia 70. Class 17, para 1A team: Ilona Lawrence, Dolly 70. Class 17, para 1A novice: Ilona Lawrence, Dolly 69.47.

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