Grammer quickest in junior time trial

Christopher Grammer turned in the fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough's junior time trial event at Lower Wairau last Saturday afternoon.

The junior under-17 grade competed in a 7km individual time trial around the Dillons Point, Swamp and Rowberrys roads circuit. Only 21 seconds separated the top four riders with Grammer (13m 13s) taking the win from Callum Caughey (13m 26s), Ethan Brydon (13m 31s) and Jack Ritchie (13m 34s).

A 7km team time trial followed with the riders recording a good time of 13m 11s.

Good efforts also came from Louis Smith, Dagmar van Antwerpen and Shaun Woods (13m 57s) plus Neils van Antwerpen, Hugh Trollope, and Bryce Blackmore (14m 44s). On Saturday afternoon the junior riders will compete in a 16km massed start/sealed handicap event on the Taylor Pass Rd.

Favoured for fastest time will be Thomas Westend with Caughey, Brydon, Ritchie and Smith fighting out the minor placings.

All riders are to assemble just south of the Taylor Pass roundabout at 1pm for a 1.30pm start.


Junior under 17 grade 7km time trial: C Grammer 13m 13s 1, C Caughey 13m 26s 2, E Brydon 13m 31s 3, J Ritchie 13m 34s 4, L Smith 14m 06s 5, D van Antwerpen 14m 42s 6, S Woods 14m 44s 7, H Trollope 14m 54s 8, B Blackmore 15m 24s 9, N van Antwerpen 15m 31s 10.

7km team time trial: C Grammer, C Caughey, E Brydon, J Ritchie 13m 11s 1, L Smith, D van Antwerpen, S Woods 13m 57s 2, N van Antwerpen, H Trollope, B Blackmore 14m 44s 3, S Morgan, S Spencer, B Saunders 16m 34s 4.

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