Winter bowlers playing for cash

20:36, Jun 20 2012

It might be the middle of winter and most of the bowling clubs in Blenheim are closed until spring, but the Whitehead Park Club has definitely been open for business over the last few weeks.

Last Saturday, the Blenheim One combination emerged winners of the second annual Whitehead Park Winter 5s tournament, played from May 5 until June 16.

The format encourages clubs to get as many players involved in the competition as they can with the morning rounds comprising singles and fours and the afternoon featuring pairs and triples, each team mixed male and female. Five players take part in each session and players can come in and out of teams each week or each session. The winning team won $1000.

The winning Blenheim One contingent on finals day, in a competition played as a league, were Judith Marshall, Liz Norton, Roberta Marshall, Phil Welch, Lloyd Gallop, Paul Langley and Colin Wratt.

Runner-up over the seven rounds was Springlands with Awatere third. Other clubs involved were Blenheim Two, Picton, Riverside, Havelock and hosts Whitehead Park.

Blenheim One scored 63 wins and won 245 ends, Springlands 63-230 and Awatere 53-242.


It is the second year the competition has been run on the top quality weatherproof synthetic surface, and Whitehead Park organising spokesman and club president John Galloway was confident it will become a regular part of the Marlborough bowls calender.

Galloway is keen to utilise the Whitehead Park facility as much as possible, especially during the winter months when all the other grass greens are closed.

Each Wednesday from 10am-3pm there is a mixed triples competition, open to anyone registered to a bowling club and already 48 players are taking part.

Galloway is keen to extend that to a Saturday competition as well, featuring mixed triples. Each Monday there is a competition between 1pm-3pm.

The Marlborough Express