Fans have to wait for Sullivan

Marlborough people will get the chance to welcome home their hero, Olympic Games double scull rowing gold medallist Joseph Sullivan, of Picton.

However just when, where and how are yet to be confirmed.

Sullivan returned to New Zealand yesterday with most of the Olympic team.

Picton Rowing Club captain Kieran Gaudin said they are in the process of formulating plans, in conjunction with the Marlborough District Council to welcome back the town's most famous person.

He's been in contact via email with his former team-mate but said even the rower is unsure exactly when he'll be back home.

Sullivan's mother, Elaine Sullivan backed that up and said her son had media and sponsor commitments to fulfil, although she said he told her he can't wait to get back home to Picton.

New Zealand's Olympic team landed at Auckland International Airport yesterday morning. Scores of fans were there to welcome the team, which were returning on two flights from London.

The Marlborough Express