Weekly golf notes

23:23, Sep 18 2012


Wednesday, September 12, stableford: M Hastings 35, C Fleming 34, M Roberts 33, M McLauchlan 27.

Saturday, September 15, women par agg: P Farrell +3, M McLauchlan +1 cb from M Reinke +1. Men stableford agg, T Lloyd 40pts, S Muir 38pts on count back from A Speck and L Marfell 38pts.

Saturday, September 22, club championships draw: Women's junior, 9.30am, M McLauchlan M Reinke; Mens junior, 9.36am, G Marfell D Moorhouse; Womens bronze, 9.42am, W Avery G Marfell; Mens intermediate, 9.48am, O Farrell S Marfell; Womens silver, 9.54am, M Hastings S Murray; Mens senior, 10am, D Marfell L Marfell; Mens junior A Plate, 12noon, R Caughley A Speck; Mens junior plate, 12.06pm, T Bryant S Clouston; Mens intermediate plate, 12.12pm, I Coles T Lloyd; Mens senior plate, 12.18pm, R Dick B Drummond. Catering available.


Wednesday, September 12, women's stableford: Joy Croft 26, Kay Ayson and Colleen McLeod 24. Nine holers: Barbara Murrin, Edna Osborne and Jill Williams 12.


Thursday, September 13, men's medal: Clive Drummond 64, Cyril Scammell 67, Peter Olding and Shaun Neal 71, Terry Fieldhouse 72, Ray Herd, Mike Watson, John Delany and Alan McIntyre 73. Nine holers: Allan Hill 40.

Saturday, September 15, men par women's stableford: Men, Clive Aitchison +4, Grenville Robinson +3, Ian Clark +2, Brodie Anderson +1, Mike Gardiner and Graeme Soper square, Clive Drummond, Desz Campbell and Murray Belk -1. Women, Di Gates 34, Chrissie Deans 31.

Monday, September 17, 9-hole stableford: Men, Clive Aitchison 18, Ron Scott 15, Ivan Neame and Spot Saul 14. Women, Margaret Hamilton 16.

Saturday, September 22 ,Club Championships draw: 9am N Blackford and C Aitchison; 9.07am A Harvey and C Scammell; 9.14am, A McIntyre and G Robinson; 9.21am J Croft and S Duckworth; 9.28am M Belk and R Adams; 9.35 J. Batty and T. Rewi; 9.42 C. Craig and M Daines; 12pm R. Herd and R. Horner; 12.07pm M Gardiner and R Windleburn; 12.14am M Baker and C McLeod.

Coming events: Thursday, September 20, men stableford. Saturday, September 22, course closed for Club Championships. Sunday, September 23 ,starters choice. Monday, September 24, 9-hole stableford all welcome. Wednesday, September 26, women's stableford.


Tuesday, September 11, 9-hole 4BBB nett: Kath McIntosh 40, Pauline Bailey 45, Suzanne Clifford 46.

Wednesday, September 12, women's Meaters stableford: Silver, Helen Swan 35, Jane Anderson Bay 31. Bronze 1, Lucy Jefferis 32, Marion Tripe 31, Lorraine Walton 30. Bronze 2, Christine Summerton 29, Di Lofthouse 24.

Thursday, September 13, men's stableford: Brodie Anderson 39, Mike Gardiner, Paul Eden and Hugh Bay 36, Pravin Singh and Mike Kent 34. 21+, Jon Nicol 39, John Davis 37, Ray McKay and Rod Lofthouse 35, Russell Ashwell 34, Lindsay Burrow 33.

Saturday, September 15, PH Turf Services Marlborough Foursomes: Women, foursomes trophy: Andrea Corbett and Sue Barron gross 89. Nett: Lyn Naysmith and Lucy Jefferis 73, Jane Anderson Bay and Lorraine Walton 74, Frances Handforth, Jackie McGarry and Jeannine Paul 75, Anne Rutledge 78.5, Marilyn Keenan and Marilyn Smith 79.5. Men, foursomes trophy: Alan Yemm and Brad Dickson Gross 83. Nett: Bob Nicolle and Peter Marfell, Peter Way and Matt Howard 70.5, Carl Summerton and Rod Lofthouse 74, Ravi Johl and Dave Knappstein 75.5, Chas Craig and Bradley Simmonds 76, Ian Chamberlain and Lindsay McAlpine 77.5

Coming events: Saturday, September 22, 4BBB. Sunday, September 23, par.


Thursday, September 13, stableford: Don Jamison and Ken McGuire 41, Gary Aldridge and Ian Johnson 40, George Hopkins 39, Brian Harris and Barry Nitz 37, Aaron Wilson 36, Dave Proctor, Alan Butland and Nick Wright 35.

Friday, September 14 9 hole stableford: Women, Judy Smith, Linda Thompson and Carol Mills all 18, men, Les Johnson 20, Tom Bourne and Ron Sturm 19.

Saturday, September 15, stableford: Paul Chappell and Warren Robertson 37, Joe Keegan 34, Ron Peters and Alan Butland 33.

Coming events: Saturday September 22 Nett + putts. Sunday, September 23, club championships, course closed. Monday, September 24, to Friday, September 28, course closed for maintenance.

Picton women:

Tuesday, September 18 6th HANZ stableford. Overall winner: Sue Hutchinson 41. 0-19.6: Diana Harper 30, Bev. Robb 29. 19.7-25.5: Cushla Brosnahan 31, Joan Gabara 26. 25.6+: Margaret Frisken 34, Hazel Moody 29.

Championships draw: Sunday, September 23: 8.40am: Kaye Keys v Joan Golding. 8.50am: Leigh Somerville-Smith v Ross Chandler. 9am: Ricky Ashworth v Jenny Hart. 9.10am: Jock Mannington v Trevor Gullery. 9.20am Judy Smith v Maria McConway 9.30am Jon Nicol v Tere Poa. 11.30 (approx.) Paul Chappell v Mike Ganzevles. 11.40am (approx) Diana Harper v Sue Hutchinson.


Wednesday, September 12, men's stableford: Murray Ingram 43, Neil Turnbull, Maurice Marfell 40, Tom Fraser 39, Morrie Soper, Ray Tomlinson, David Best 38, Roy James, Gordon Lang, Tony Maffey 37, John Gibbons, Bob Gibbs, Dave Arcus, Mike McConnell 36.

Thursday, September 13, ladies bisque par: Best Overall: Jean Maxted +10, 0-20 Jeanette Mason +6, Dale McCrindle +2, 21-28 Lyn Brice +6, Carolyn Reaney +5, Sue Lang, Joy Brehaut +4, 29+ Eila Brooks +8, Joy Ashby +6.

Saturday, September 15, medal: Men - Rod Hill 67, Chris Hughes, Greg Thomas, Brian Gill 68, Norb Thaler, Bob Gibbs 70. Women - Jeanette Mason 77.

Sunday, September 16, 4BBB mixed and men's: Men - Murray Ingram and Bruce Verry 48, Chris Hill and Pip Lookert 45, Morrie Soper and Jeff Domigan , Ross McKay and Ian Moffatt 44. Mixed - Mary Anne Best and David Best 48, Sue Campbell and Mark Milne 46, Sue Campbell and Barry Masters 45, Mariann Grant and Phil Hill 44.

Coming events: Saturday, September 22, bisque par. Sunday, September 23, club champs finals.

Club championships draw

Sunday, September 23, finals: 8am men's junior B, Brian Gill v Chris Hughes; 8.07am women's B, 2 Carla Hepplethwaite v MargaretYork. 8.14am women's B1, Kerry Roberts v Mariann Grant. 8.2am men's intermediate, B Joe Cooke v Lindsay McAlpine. 8.28am men's intermediate, A Ian Moffatt v Clarry Neame. 8.35am women's senior, Margaret Tapp v Andrea Corbett. 8.42am men's senior, Blair Bavin v Brook Hale.

18 holes tee-off times: Plate finals, 10.30am men's junior, A Neil Turnbull v David Best. 10.37am men's intermediate, B Gordon Lang v Alan Ryder. 10.44am women's senior, Sue Campbell v Janet Laing. 10.51am women's bronze, Mary Anne Best v Trish Robertson. 10.58am men's intermediate, A Ray Morris v Bruce Curgenven. 11.05am men senior, Chris Hill v Dale Rutledge.


Monday, September 17, Awatere: Winning team, Marlborough 3, Lindsay Burrow, Carl Summerton, Ross Inder and Ian Clark. Individual results, Ian Clark 42, Don Boyle 38, Paul Eden 38, Dave Holdaway 37, Mike Watson 37, Werner Pluss 36, Don Jamison 36, Peter Allaway 36, Ewan Robinson 35, Ross Kennington 35, Les Johnson 35.

Monday, October 1: Wairau Valley next venue.


Saturday, September 15: Arno Grupp c/b from Jimmy Moselen and Derek Johnson nett 68, John McLauchlan 69, Peter Jerram, Logie MacKenzie and Robin Lacey 71.

Saturday, September 22, Club championships draw: 8:30am Jimmy Moselen and Matt Howard; 8:37am Yvonne Wallace and Lynne Gray; 8:44am Peter Jerram and John McLauchlan; 8:51am Robin Lacey and Kaye Eggers; 8:58am Tim Latter and Grant Hagen; 9:05am Arno Grupp and John Monson; Referee Club President Steve MacKenzie. Medal round for club members 12:30 pm. Course closed to casuals.


The team to play in the Westrupp Cup at Westport on September 29-30 is: Emily Stenhouse (Marlborough) Andrea Corbett (Rarangi) Tracy Bary (Rarangi) Lyn Batchelor (Kaikoura) Chrissy Guthrie (Kaikoura) and Gina McInnes (Kaikoura).

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