Pints up against the Predators

19:29, Sep 19 2012
Calvin Hart
Champions: Marlborough Pool Association division one interclub champions for 2012 the Royal Hotel Pints with the trophy they collected after their finals triumph earlier this month. From left, Louie Green, Tardy Landon-Lane, Calvin Hart, Shane Crouch, Ken Hart, Wayne Palatchie and Bob Henderson

A superb come-from-behind effort in the final saw Royal Hotel Pints claim top honours when the Marlborough Pool Association's first- division interclub competition wrapped up earlier this month.

Up against the competition favourites, Clubs of Marlborough Predators, in the title decider, Pints did not get off to a great start as Predators won all the pairs matches. But, in the singles, Pints fought back and eventually sealed the 8-6 overall victory by winning the last two matches.

It was an interesting season in first division, with the competition lead changing numerous times throughout.

Two-time defending champions Redwood Tavern Stickmen topped the standings early on, only to be overtaken by Predators towards the end of the round-robin.

Along with Pints and Predators, Clubs of Marlborough 12oz's and Havelock Tavern Jacks made it through to the finals series.

Meanwhile, the second-division competition finished several weeks before the first division, with Renwick Arms prevailing 8-4 over Springlands Tavern Hot Tips in the final.


The finals playoffs saw some close games.

However, Renwick were always going to be hard to beat, given they led the second-division competition all season.

Although interclub is over, Marlborough pool players still have several tournaments before the end of the year.

This weekend is the mixed pairs tournament. Results

Division one: Round one: Royal Hotel Pints bt The Redwood Tavern Stickmen 8-6, The Havelock Tavern Jacks bt 12oz 8-7. Round two: Clubs of Marlborough Predators bt The Pints 8-4, The Jacks bt The Stickmen 8-6. Round three: The Pints bt The Jacks 8-1. Final: The Pints bt Predators 8-6.

Division two: Round one: Hot Tips (Springlands Tavern) bt The Handles (Royal Hotel) 8-7, Problems (COM) bt Flamingos (Springlands Tavern) 8-4. Round two: Renwick Arms bt Hot Tips 8-6, The Handles bt Problems 8-4. Round three: Hot Tips bt The Handles 8-3. Final: Renwick bt Hot Tips 8-4.

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