Enter now to save in the long run

Time is running out to enter the New World Marlborough Marathon on Saturday, December 1.

A late entry fee kicks in tomorrow night, although people can still enter up until November 30.

Organising spokesman Pete Halligan said the event is on track to have more than 1000 take part in the various sections which range from a 5km run/walk to the full 42.2km marathon.

The recent cancellation of the New York Marathon has had a positive spill-over effect for the Marlborough run, with more than 30 people having entered after missing out on the New York event.

Eighty per cent of the entries so far are from outside the province, with many from overseas. Nine countries so far are represented, including the United States, Australia, France, Switzerland and Poland.

The revamped courses cover basically the same ground for the full and half marathons but the event now starts and finishes at Villa Maria Estate winery on New Renwick Rd instead of the clocktower in Seymour Square. There are ideal vantage points along both sides of the Taylor River as competitors come off New Renwick Rd in the longer races.

Organisers have introduced pacesetters for the first time in the half marathon section and these runners will be clearly identified, giving athletes a better chance of achieving personal goal times. Pacesetters will run at 1hr 30min, 1:40, 1:50 and 2hr pace. To enter, go online at marlboroughmarathon.co.nz

The Marlborough Express