Marlborough wins new event

23:21, Nov 27 2012

Fourteen Marlborough athletes travelled to Richmond on Sunday to contest the first-ever Richmond Dental Mini-Multi Cup and came away with overall honours.

Contested between Marlborough, Takaka, Richmond, Nelson and Motueka, this is a brand new event in the children's athletics calender and is run on a decathlon points scoring system. Athletes were only able to choose one run, one jump and one throw. Every competitor got points for the times and distances, then the club's total was divided by the number of athletes competing.

This makes it an even playing field whether your club has 150 members or just 14, like Marlborough.

Marlborough won, with Takaka second, Richmond third, Nelson fourth and Motueka fifth.

Every Marlborough competitor finished either first or second in at least one discipline, winning performances coming from Aliya Mottus, John Mottus, Oliver Lawson, Tiarna Nukunuku, James Hansen, Mya Wiapo, Finn Southey and Jake Southey.

The Marlborough team comprised Oliver Lawson, John and Aliya Mottus, Tiarna Nukunuku, Paige Smith, Kimberley Fearn, Jeremy Everson, Mya Wiapo, Joseph and Charlotte Westend, Jake and Finn Southey, James Hansen and Oliver Mandeno.


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