Positional switch does the trick

20:39, Nov 28 2012
David Dick
David Dick

A slight change of technique appears to be working wonders for Kaituna/Blenheim club rifle shooter David Dick.

Earlier this month, competing in the Lambert Memorial Cup with his single shot Nielsen 308 calibre rifle, Dick scored the only possible at 300 and 600 yards in a competition shot over 300, 500 and 600 yards. He nailed a 50.4 in the shorter distance and a total of 150.15, completing the rare feat over 600 yards of not dropping a point off the rifle. He finished second overall in the competition behind Clinton Whyte.

The previous weekend at the Canterbury fullbore championships, he shot well again, finishing runner-up in the B grade competition with a total score of 336.21.

His good form continued last Saturday at the Kaituna/Blenheim club handicap shoot where he shot another possible, 50.06 over 800 yards. Unfortunately he wasn't so sharp over 900, scoring 41.03, a trailing fish-tail wind providing tricky conditions.

He's pleased with his form. "This year I've improved because I've slightly changed my position. Got a little bit more behind the rifle. My body was too scrunched up.

"Malcolm Dodson [his club coach] gave me a bit of advice. I notice now that my recoil is better. I've got some consistency."


Coach Dodson's influence at the club is very positive, Dick said. "He's a good man. [He's] very good and he looks after some of the juniors in the club as well."

Dick has been shooting fullbore for 15 years, having previously shot smallbore at the Services Club in Blenheim and clay target with the former Awatere Club.

His next mission is the national championships in Wellington in January where the Ballinger Belt is contested at the Trentham range.

He's competed in the event twice before and is hoping his current form stays with him so he can record a personal best.

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