Close mixed clash

Swagkers took the honours in the feature match of the mixed competition at Lansdowne Park on Wednesday.

They met Scaffold Marlborough in a thrilling encounter, won 6-4 by Swagkers.

Swagkers player Jack Keown soon scored from an offload by Ollie Crawford and they did not stop there, scoring again from the tap off. Kenny Hill scooped through the defence and passed a long ball to Grace Tocker who touched down.

Scaffold Marlborough were not at their best but battled hard.

Tyrone Elkington took charge with great skills and some excellent long passes, including a beauty to set up a try for Manea Poa on the wing. Scaffold Marlborough's Ben Stark was one of the standout players.

On Thursday night, the MBC v Tow and Salvage clash was the game to watch.

The experienced Tow and Salvage crew started slowly, letting MBC score three times before getting on the board.

Once Tow and Salvage got their first try, the game changed and they ran away to win 10-3.

Ben Tombs had a good attacking game, making big runs for his team, while Ollie Crawford also had a good game, showing excellent skills on attack and defence.

For MBC, Jerome Leonard and Adam Smith had impressive games. Kenny Hill often raced through the defence with ease while Taine Turnball also had a standout match.

In the women's grade on Thursday, there were some interesting matchups.

The game between Tasman Crop and the under-15 girls was played at a fast pace, with the former coming out 9-1 winners.

The youngsters worked well as a team but could not stop the slick Tasman Crop outfit.

Kelsie Fitzpatrick was the star player for the under-15s, her tireless efforts requiring strong defence from the opposition.

For the victors, Simone Pedersen scooped well, linking with the busy Melissa Brady, while Bridget Gane was strong on defence.


Wednesday November 28:

Secondary schools - MBC Taine's Team 1 16 MGC Mrs Austin 1; Mixed Seal 4 MBC Year 10 8; I Touched A Ball 5 MGC Kelsie 4.

Mixed 1 - QCC 4 Renz Team 6; Scaffold Marlborough 4 Swagkers 6.

Mixed 2 - Fairweathers Randoms 5 QCC2 5; Wairau 0 All Stars 10; Hendersons 5 Loan Rangers 4.

Mixed 3 - Trunt Up 2 The Whakas 3; Woody Warriors 7 QCC3 6; Reserve Bench 6 Legends 9; Kaha 2 Toyota Titans 6; Big Bulls 4 Eradus Pinas 8.

Mixed 4 - Cs Tunnel Diggers 6 Testers 2; Unknown 5 Spy Valley Crushers 7; Sioux Chiefs 5 HVR Burnouts 4.

Thursday November 29:

Men's 1 - MBC 3 Tow And Salvage 10; Moutere Magpies 8 QCC 5.

Men's 2 - Untouchables 3 Moutere Mob 6; Central 6 MU15 Boys 4; Prime Time 3 Titans 6.

Men's 3 - Winos 3 Usual Suspects 3; Wairau Taniwha 5 Pour @ Best 0; Ideal Rhino 0 ASL Boners 8; Apollo 2 8 All Quins 6.

Men's 4 - The Tradies 6 Musseleers 7; Crownes 6 Crown Cobraz 11; Movento Movers 3 Woody Muddogs 7; Morgees 6 All That 2; Wadsco Rams 6 Cresswell Crushers 5.

Women's - QCC 1 MGC 5; Tasman Crop 9 MU15 Girls 1; Wing It 1 MU13 Mixed 5.

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