College team first to final

Marlborough Boys' College were confirmed as top qualifiers in president's grade when round-robin play in the Marlborough Volleyball Club's Fairweathers Senior Summer League wrapped up at Marlborough Lines Stadium on Thursday night.

Bottom-placed Kinoaths had the president's grade double header, but were forced to default both their matches against MBC and Treefellas. That left MBC well clear on top with 23 points, followed by Treefellas (16) and Kinoaths (6).

MBC go straight through to this Thursday's final, with Treefellas and Kinoaths set to play off earlier in the night and the winner going through to the title decider. Treefellas are favourites to down Kinoaths.

Unlike president's grade, just four points separated the top three teams in C grade.

MBC Junior A survived a second-set lapse to record a 2-1 win over Desperate Housewives and the schoolboys will meet Westmeat Geriatrics in the final. Despite two consecutive losses, including a 2-1 defeat against Smashed ‘Em Bro on Thursday, Geriatrics were still able to sneak into the final.

In other C grade matches, Safe Crackers beat Fresh 3-0 to book their spot in the playoff for third against Smashed ‘Em Bro, while MIA will face Desperate Housewives in the playoff for fifth after a 3-0 triumph over Wolf Pack. Fresh and Wolf Pack will square off for seventh place and to avoid the wooden spoon.

Results from Thursday, December 6

President's grade: Treefellas beat Kinoaths 3-0 (by default), MBC beat Kinoaths 3-0 (by default).

C grade: MBC Junior A beat Desperate Housewives 2-1, Smashed ‘Em Bro beat Westmeat Geriatrics 2-1, MIA beat Wolf Pack 3-0, Safe Crackers beat Fresh 3-0.

Mixed grade: Meaters beat Safe Air Social 2-1, International beat The A-Team 3-0, Playschool beat Indevin Thunderballs 2-1, Domin8 beat Silly Salmons 2-1.

Subway Spikers & Premier grade schools competition results from Friday, December 7:

Years 5/6: Section one: Grovetown Strikers beat Witherlea Red 3-0, St Marys Setters beat Picton Blue 3-0, Renwick Setters beat Springlands Spikers 3-0 (by default). Section two: Picton Green beat Renwick Spikers 2-1, Grovetown Spikers beat Fairhall Bumblebees 3-0, Redwoodtown All Stars beat Witherlea Blue 2-1.

Year six: Fairhall BOPs beat Springlands Setters 3-0 (by default), Picton Yellow beat St Marys Slammers 2-1, Fairhall Ninjas beat Renwick Strikers 2-0.

Years 7/8: Redwoodtown Rockets beat Rapaura Aces 2-1, Rapaura Smashers beat Renwick Blockers 2-1, Bohally Bullets beat Renwick Panthers 2-0, Redwoodtown Rockets beat Bohally Sporty Gals 3-0.

Premier grade: Division one: Bohally Cookies and Cream beat Cyborg Dreamers 2-1, Fairhall Gummy Bears beat Renwick Smashers 2-1, St Marys Spikers beat Bohally All Stars 3-0. Division two: Fairhall Flip Flops beat Fairhall Phoenix 2-1, Richmond View beat Bohally Epic Eight 3-0, Bohally LC's beat St Marys Blockers 3-0.

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