Few bright spots in Nelson win

23:48, Dec 10 2012

The Marlborough senior women's representative bowls team could not reproduce the form that won them the Higgins Shield earlier this month when they contested the Ann Burn and Westrupp cups last weekend at the Stoke greens in Nelson against the host province.

In the Ann Burn section, Marlborough went down 6-10, and in the Sales Westrupp they lost 4-8.

Sandra Bunt shone in the singles during the Ann Burn with another outstanding two wins from her two matches.

The two triples of Pam Stevens (skip), Dot Capill, and Beryl Macdonald, plus the combination of skip Glenda Bishop, Honey Reuben, and Josephine Romano, also won their two matches playing some excellent bowls.

In the Westrupp Cup, Pauline Bailey had a singles win. Patsy Riri (skip), Pim Mellish, and Chris Wooster, plus Ann Cook (skip), Sheryn Emms, and Jessica Looms, did likewise and even though her side did not perform up to expectations, coach Kaki Manuera said her charges played some good bowls.

The senior men's team went down 5-11 in the McKendry Trophy played at Springlands on Sunday, while the Marlborough junior team put in an outstanding performance to win the Masonic Cup at Riverside, also against Nelson for just the third time in 28 years.


Full results were not available at the time of writing.

Draw for the Bowls Marlborough men's and women's open singles on December 15-16, starting at 9am:

Blenheim Green: K Day, L Hart, N Bryant, C Robbins, H Reuben, R Finch, A Broadhurst, J Gallop, T Downs, P Mellish

Picton Green: S Bunt, P Riri, B Macdonald, G Bishop, L Franklin, P Douglas, R Kara, D Arneson, P Bailey, D Capill

Bowls Marlborough men's open triples on December 15-16, starting at 9am:

Springlands Green: K Taylor, K Hart, S Muollo, B Hitchcock, S Kenyon, W Pearce, I Munday, M McNulty, R Bishop, K Maslin, AN Other, L Jowers

Riverside Green: J Smith, B Shadbolt, S Prasad, G Eaton, M Simmons, G Morrissey, P Welch, D Boon, D Jones, L Gallop, M Sullivan, A Warner

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