Taine's Team lock up 2012 title

18:40, Dec 17 2012

Wednesday night was finals time for Marlborough's secondary grade touch teams.

In the playoff for top spot Taine's Team and I Touched A Ball were worthy finalists.

Taine's Team scored the first try after 30 seconds but their rivals replied from the tap-off through Cameron Cook.

The game remained close until the last two minutes when Taine's Team took control, winning the secondary schools grade for 2012.

Standouts from I Touched A Ball were Sverre Waechter, Cook, Chas Craig and Connor Irving while prominent for the victors were Nixon Kim, Errol Thomas, Dylan Macdonald-Pedersen and Taine Turnball.

The mixed final on Wednesday was also a highlight with QCC meeting Swagkers.


Both teams were outstanding.

Kenny Hill, once again one of the stronger players on the field, passed a great long ball to Grace Tocker with excellent hands to score.

For QCC, Tash Ford turned on an exceptional attacking display while Henry Evans also had a standout game on attack. It was anyone's game, but eventually went Swagkers' way 10-6.

In the men's two grade on Thursday, the under-15 boys had an excellent last game before going to the IPS tournament in Christchurch, notching a 6-6 draw against Moutere Mob.

In a see-sawing encounter, both teams moved the ball with skill and good execution.

Taine Turnball and Dylan MacDonald-Pedersen combined well for the youngsters, while Rawiri Katane from Moutere Mob had an excellent attacking game.

Bevan Moody scored the try of the night, sprinting from halfway to touch down.

The under-15 girls were not as lucky as the boys. MGC were too good winning 5-1. Grace Tocker had an outstanding performance and was one of the stronger players for MGC.


Wednesday December 12

Secondary schools - final placings - 1 Mbc Taine's Team; 2 I touched a Ball; 3 MBC year 10; 4 Mixed Seal; 5 MGC Kelsie; 6 MGC Mrs Austin; 7 QCC.

Mixed 1 - QCC 6 Swagkers 10; Renz Team 13 QCC Regionals 2; Scaffold Marlborough 9 Hendersons 2.

Mixed 2 - Fairweathers Randoms 10 Loan Rangers 3; All Stars 9 Eradus Pinas 6.

Mixed 3 - Trunt Up 4 Reserve Bench 5; Kaha 1 Woody Warriors 7; Big Bulls 6 The Whakas 7; Toyota Titans 3 Legends 5.

Mixed 4 - Cs Tunnel Diggers 2 Sioux Chiefs 1; HVR Burnouts 3 Unknown 3; Spy Valley Crushers 4 Testers 6.

Thursday December 13

Men's 1 - MBC 10 QCC 0; Tow And Salvage 8 Moutere Magpies 5.

Men's 2 - Untouchables 3 Prime Time 7; Titans 6 Central 11; MU15 Boys 6 Moutere Mob 6.

Men's 3 - Winos 1 ASL Boners 8; Ideal Rhino 3 Wairau Taniwha 8; Apollo 2 4 Usual Suspects 8; All Quins 10 Pour @ Best 6.

Men's 4 - The Tradies 4 Movento Movers 10; Morgees 6 Crownes 4; Wadsco Rams 6 Musseleers 5; Cresswell Crushers 3 Crown Cobraz 7; All That 5 Woody Muddogs 6.

Women's - QCC 0 Wing It 10; Mu13 Mixed 3 Tasman Crop 10; Mu15 Girls 1 MGC 5.

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