Cricketer trophy points for first half of season

As it has been for the past five seasons, this summer the Marlborough Express Cricketer of the Year Trophy is once again up for grabs.

Points are awarded following each round of senior club cricket on a three, two, one basis.

The senior competition wrapped up for the Christmas/New Year break with the two-day championship final on Saturday and resumes with round four of the Twenty20 competition on Friday, January 11.

Below are the updated points for the matches played so far this season.

Updated 2012-13 Marlborough Express Cricketer of the Year points

Two-day round one, October 13: Both matches rained out.

Two-day round two, October 27: Wairau Valley v Celtic - Richard Hagen (WV) 3, Simon Muir (WV) 2, Ben McLennan (Cel) 1. Wairau v Renwick - Ben Stark (Wai) 3, George Marshall (Ren) 2, Fraser McIntosh (Wai) 1.

Two-day round three, November 3: Both matches abandoned.

Two-day round four, November 10: Wairau Valley v Wairau - Colin Wood (Wai) 3, Grant Goodwin (WV) 2, Chris Pope (Wai) 1. Celtic v Renwick - Ben McLennan (Cel) 3, Josh Poole (Cel) 2, Rikki Bovey (Ren) 1.

Two-day round five, November 17: Celtic v Wairau Valley - Josh Poole (Cel) 3, Tim Abrahams (WV) 2, Chris Gibb (Cel) 1. Wairau v Renwick - Colin Wood (Wai) 3, George Kenny (Ren) 2, Greg Logan (Wai) 1.

Two-day round six, November 24: Wairau v Celtic - Colin Wood (Wai) 3, Sean Neal (Cel) 2, Josh Clarkson (Wai) 1. Wairau Valley v Renwick - Mark Gear (WV) 3, George Marshall (Ren) 2, Richard Hagen (WV) 1.

Twenty20 round one, November 30: Celtic v Renwick - Rikki Bovey (Ren) 3, Sean Neal (Cel) 2, Vaughan Wolland (Ren) 1.

Twenty20 round two, December 7: Both matches rained out.

Twenty20 round three, December 14: Celtic v Wairau - Greg Knowles (Cel) 3, Josh Clarkson (Wai) 2, Josh Poole (Cel) 1. Renwick v Wairau Valley - Corey Bovey (Ren) 3, Tim Abrahams (WV) 2, George Kenny (Ren) 1.

Two-day final, December 15: Wairau v Wairau Valley - Colin Wood (Wai) 3, Chris Pope (Wai) 2, Blake Parata (WV) 1.

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