Parata takes charge

01:04, Jan 22 2013

Hendersons, back up from grade two, beat QCC 9-6 in the feature mixed grade one touch match on Wednesday.

Blake Parata scored the first try of the game and also took charge on attack for the victors while Harriet Ryan and Lauren Murray had excellent games, both scoring a try and proving hard to beat on defence.

Ben Tombs scored the try of the night with his superman dive. Even though it was not QCC's best performance, they have improved on both defence and attack.

Thursday night's programme went ahead despite the thunder and lighting, with the heavy rain holding off long enough to get the games completed.

Usual Suspects and Wairau Taniwha showed all the skills in a great game, drawing 5-5. Usual Suspects led 3-1 at halftime but Wairau Taniwha didn't back down, coming back in the second half. John Flanagan, Mark Spencer and Mark Witihera stood out for Usual Suspects while Rawiri Tamiti, Ceyphus Samuels, Junior Filipo, Raymond Roebeck excelled for Wairau Taniwha.

MU15 girls and Tasman Crop produced a fine spectacle, Tasman Crop prevailing 9-4.


For the winners, Cara Wiapo, Laura-Kate Morgan, Mania Poa and Simone Pedersen scored tries and featured both on attack and defence. Monica Gulliver, Jayda Elkington and Hannah Dickson scored for the MU15 team.


Wednesday January 16:

Mixed 1: QCC 6 Hendersons 9; QCC Regionals 2 Scaffold Marlborough 14; Swagkers 5 Renz Team 9.

Mixed 2: Fairweathers Randoms 9 Loan Rangers 0; All Stars 8 Eradus Pinas 3.

Mixed 3: Toyota Titans 12 Big Bulls 3; Legends 5 Kaha 2; QCC 3 Reserve Bench 10; The Whakas 5 Woody Warriors 8; Trunt Up a bye.

Mixed 4: Cs Tunnel Diggers 0 Testers 10; Unknown 8 Spy Valley Crushers 8; Sioux Chiefs 10 HVR Burnouts 0.

Thursday January 17:

Men's 1: MBC 0 QCC 10; Tow And Salvage 5 Moutere Magpies 6.

Men's 2: Untouchables 2 Moutere Mob 5; Central 8 MU15 Boys 4; Prime Time 4 Titans 5.

Men's 3: Winos 1 All Quins 9; Pour @ Best 6 Apollo 2 10; ASL Boners 6 Ideal Rhino 4; Usual Suspects 5 Wairau Taniwha 5.

Men's 4: The Tradies 8 Cresswell Crushers 7; All That 3 Wadsco Rams 2; Woody Muddogs 5 Morgees 6; Crown Cobraz 7 Movento Movers 8; Musseleers 7 Crownes 5.

Women: QCC 3 MGC 5; Tasman Crop 9 Mu15 Girls 4; Wing It 1 Mu13 Mixed 10.

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