Bowls teams named

17:58, Jan 22 2013

Several Marlborough representative bowling teams have been named for upcoming events:

Quadrangular and Intercentre teams 2013

Men's A team: Singles, Lloyd Gallop. Pairs, Graham Hood l, Warren Brown s. Fours, Craig MacDonnell l, Dick Jones 2, Greg Smith 3, Sanjhe Prassad s. Selector/Coach, Bill Shadbolt Manager, John Romano.

Women's A team: Singles, Sandra Bunt. Pairs, Josephine Romano l, Pam Stevens s. Fours, Jan Gallop l, Rosemary Finch 2, Mary Riddell 3, Dorothy McLean s. Selector/Coach, Kaki Manuera, Manager John Romano.

Men's B team: Singles, Josh Boyd. Pairs, Phil Welch l, Brian Montgomery s. Fours, Ken Hart l, Ken Paget 2, Paul Langley 3, Salve Muollo s. Manager/Coach, Graham Armstrong.

Women's B team: Singles, Pauline Bailey. Pairs, Colleen Robbins l, Dot Arnesen s. Fours, La Rita Franklin l, Pauline Low 2, Raylene Kara 3, Karen Day s. Selector/Coach, Kaki Manuera Manager, Bev Dixon.


Men's C team Intercentre only: Singles, Shane Kenyon. Pairs, Dean Boon l, Roger Farrow s. Fours, Dave Greer l, Ivan Munday 2, Simon Hitchcock 3, Bruce Hitchcock s. Manager/Coach, Graham Armstrong

Women's C team Intercentre only: Singles, Beryl MacDonald. Pairs, Ann Cook l, Sheryn Emms s. Fours, Sue King l, Patsy Riri 2, Trish Downes 3, Frances Bradley s.

Players in the Quadrangular tournament in Christchurch, the bus leaves the Blenheim Bowling Club on Friday, February 15 at 10am.

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