Training tips for women's tri

OK, you've had that first week of training and the body is starting to acclimatise to a bit of exercise.

This doesn't mean it's time to start pushing yourself hard, it just means you're starting to remember what physical activity is about.

Remember you should be doing a minimum of three days of activity a week so you can comfortably complete the event on March 10.

Please note, your warm up is not a hard effort, it's enough exercise to get you breathing more heavily than normal with your pulse rate up slightly.

We're following a similar programme to week one but introducing some changes in the days we exercise to take advantage of opportunities that are available in the community.

At the other end of session it's easy just to flop down and stop when you finish a session but you'll find there are fewer aches and pains if you stretch after a warm-down.

It's easier to train in a group so substitute the Tuesday summer riverbank run for your Tuesday training or join Deb Healy and her beginners group at the Rifle Range car park at Wither Hills on Thursdays at 6pm. Bring your bike and walking/running shoes.

Happy training.

The Marlborough Express