Top teams in deciders

19:42, Feb 18 2013

Finalists have been decided for the various Marlborough touch competitions after some high-octane semifinals last week.

Renz Team and Scaffold Marlborough will meet in the mixed final at Lansdowne Park tomorrow at 7.20pm, after Swagkers and Hendersons play off for third and fourth.

The mixed two final features Fairweathers Randoms against All Stars, also at 7.20pm. The mixed three decider involves Woody Warriors and The Whakas and begins at 6pm. Spy Valley Crushers and Sioux Chiefs will meet in the mixed four finale at 6.40pm.

On Thursday, the men's one final will be between Tow 'n' Salvage and Moutere Magpies. It begins at 7.20pm, alongside the women's final between Tasman Crop and MGC.

The men's two final gets under way at 6.40pm and is between Prime Time and Moutere Mob while the men's three final will see Wairau Taniwha taking on All Quins at 6pm.

The men's four final between Morgees and Woody Muddogs starts at the same time.


Touch semifinal results from Wednesday, February 13:

Mixed one: Scaffold Marlborough 5 Swagkers 2; Renz Team 6 Hendersons 5; QCC 6 QCC Regionals 1.

Mixed two: Fairweathers Randoms 12 Eradus Pinas 1; Legends 3 All Stars 7.

Mixed three: Woody Warriors 7 Kaha 6; Toyota Titans 4 The Whakas 6; Trunt Up 2 Reserve Bench 4; Loan Rangers 2 QCC 3 1.

Mixed four: Spy Valley Crushers 6 Testers 5; Sioux Chiefs 3 Cs Tunnel Diggers 1; Unknown 7 Big Balls 6.

Thursday February 14

Men's one: Tow n Salvage 6 QCC 2; Moutere Magpies 7 MBC 4.

Men's two: Central disqualified v Prime Time won; Moutere Mob 3 Titans 2; Untouchables 5 MU15 Boys 4.

Men's three: Asl Boners 5 Wairau Taniwha 6; Apollo 2 2 All Quins 12; Ideal Rhino 6 Usual Suspects 4; Winos 4 Pour @ Best 6.

Men's four: Woody Muddogs 4 Movento Movers 3; Morgees 6 Musseleers 5; Crowne Cobraz 4 All That 3; Wadsco Rams 4 Crownes 7; Cresswell Crushers 6 The Tradies 3.

Women: Tasman Crop 9 QCC 2; MGC 5 Mu13 Mixed 3; Mu15 Girls 7 Wing it 3.

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