Stay focused as big triathlon day looms

17:39, Feb 20 2013

Welcome to the latest in the Marlborough Woman's Triathlon training guide series.

Well we are into week six now of the training programme and with just over two weeks to go we should be starting to feel a lot more ready to complete the race.

Keep up the good work and remember when the going gets tough the tough get going.

We are coming into our last week of long hard sessions so you may feel you get tired this week.

That is OK.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep and that you are eating more to replace the energy you have used and also to help the body with its recovery. This is very important and something we have not talked about.


As you exercise you can make small tears in the muscle fibres.

When you get sore muscles after training this is generally what has caused it. The muscle is getting stronger.

To help with the recovery process we need to fuel the body to help it repair the tears. So it is good after each time you exercise to make sure you stretch, drink plenty of water to wash out any toxic buildup of lactic acid that the body has produced while training and also to eat some protein and carbohydrate.

A ham sandwich or honey and banana sandwich are always good options.

This will help with the recovery process and make the following training sessions easier to complete.

If you have not yet entered into the women's tri it is not too late. Grab an entry form or go to

Once again, happy training.

The Marlborough Express