Blakiston wins Rosebowl

18:32, Feb 21 2013

Hot conditions with little wind favoured the front handicap markers when Joe Blakiston won Cuddon Cycling Marlborough's Anderson Rosebowl on Saturday afternoon in Okaramio.

The open grade 35km handicap event covered a rolling course to Havelock and back. Even with a slight headwind on the outward journey, it was obvious at the turn the 16min front pair, Blakiston and Merrick Thompson, were not going to be caught.

The pair combined well, with Blakiston taking the line honours and trophy. In the sprint for third place between the 10min markers, Marty Bruce headed off Graham Henderson and Andrew Gifford.

Fastest-time honours went to scratch markers Tony Catterick and Gerard van Antwerpen, respectively, by a mere 21 seconds over the large 3min group, who took time off the 2min markers by five seconds.

The 16km junior under-17 grade handicap event for the Keighley Cup was fought out on the Taylor Pass course. The 2min break group was dominant in travelling through the field, with Hugh Trollope taking the sprint for victory over Zac Mortimer, Jack Ritchie and Ethan Brydon.

Lone scratchman Thomas Westend rode strongly for fastest-time honours by 34 seconds.


The opening of Saturday racing on the Lower Wairau circuit was held the previous week.

In the open grade 35km handicap event, the scratch markers cruised through the field to hit the front just a kilometre from the finish, with Van Antwerpen prevailing over Nick Blakiston (2min), Brodie Catterick and Nick Batt. In the junior under-17 21km, scratch marker Westend sprinted in 3min markers Trollope, Ritchie and Callum Caughey.

Results from February 16: Open grade - Anderson Rosebowl 35km hcp: J Blakiston (16m) 1, M Thompson (16m) 2, M Bruce (10m) 3, G Henderson (10m) 4, A Gifford (10m) 5, D Hutchison (10m) 6, G Ludemann (10m) 7, C Anderson (3m) 8, T Burfitt (3m) 9, S Rooney (3m) 10. Fastest time, T Catterick (scr) 49m 30s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 2, C Anderson (3m) 49m 51s 3, T Burfitt (3m) s.t. 4, S Rooney s.t. 5.

Under 17 grade - Keighley Cup 16km: H Trollope (2m) 1, Z Mortimer (2m) 2, J Ritchie (2m) 3, E Brydon (2m) 4, T Westend (scr) 5. Fastest time, T Westend (scr) 28m 18s 1, H Trollope (2m) 28m 52s 2, Z Mortimer 28m 53s 3.

February 9: Open grade - 35km group handicap: G van Antwerpen (scr) 1, N Blakiston (2m) 2, B Catterick (scr) 3, N Batt (scr) 4, K Marshall (7m) 5, D Hutchison (7m) 6, F Marfell (7m) 7, D Vile (2m) 8, T Neal (2m) 9, M Murphy (2m) 10. Fastest time G van Antwerpen (scr) 51m 50s 1, B Catterick (scr) s.t. 2, N Batt (scr) 51m 55s 3.

Under 17 grade - 21km handicap: T Westend (scr) 1, H Trollope (2m) 2, J Ritchie (2m) 3, C Caughey (2m) 4, E Wells (7m) 5. Fastest time, T Westend (scr) 35m 24s 1, E Brydon (scr) 37m 35s 2, H Trollope (2m) 38m 26s 3.

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