Trail riders rewarded

20:04, Jul 02 2013

The Marlborough Trail and Endurance Riding (Equestrian) Club held their annual meeting and prizegiving last month with members walking away with plenty of spoils for their season's hard work.

There were two categories of prizes.

One was based on points and kilometres gained throughout the club's season and the other decided on by the club committee, or individuals.

Then any club members present got to vote for who they thought should be Sportsperson of the Year on the day of the prizegiving.

The high points awards were taken from points from a minimum of three, up to a maximum five rides in one grade.

Season Awards:


Lead Rein Highest Points: 1st Ryleigh Gale, Katie.

Novice Highest Points: 1st Deborah Pruden, Banoffi; 2nd= Cary Gale, Silverstreams Little Gem & Heather Deacon, Speights Gold; 3rd Michelle Campbell, Ruby Bay.

Training Highest Points: 1st Sophie Andrew, Hadif Shadz of Suede.

Intermediate Highest Points: 1st Pam Harris, Tampa De Oro; 2nd Sophie Harris, Masters Silver Quest; 3rd Sherryl Wells, Dell Miska.

Open Highest Points: 1st Heidi Bulfin, Stonelea Sparkling Rose; 2nd Missy Green, Xavier Cheerokee.

CTR Distance horse of the Year: Xavier Cheerokee.

Endurance Distance Horse of the Year: MF El Marees.

Best Timed Junior Rider: Sophie Andrews.

Best Timed Senior Rider: Heidi Bulfin.

Trail Rider of the Year: Pam Harris.

Endurance Rider of the Year: Linda Harmon.

Junior Rider of the Year: Rachel Earle.

Senior Rider of the Year: Heidi Bulfin.

Most Improved New Member: Melissa Rae.

Most Improved Member: Stoney Bourke.

Ground crew worker of the Year: Sherryl Wells.

President's Cup: Pam & Phil Harris.

Dedication to our sport: Del Bissell and Sherryl Wells & Mike Holmes.

Sportsperson of the Year: Pam Harris.

The club runs one endurance ride each month, beginning in August and going through until May. However, this year they are also holding a 20km and 40km novice endurance event on Sunday, open to any rider.

The event will be held at Ditchling and will mainly utilise the vineyards on the other side of SH63.

Vetting for the 40km novice, junior or senior rides starts at 9am with the ride commencing at 10am. Vetting for the 20km intro rides starts at 10am with a mass start at 11am.

There will be no optimum time given but riders will have a minimum and maximum time to beat.

For more details visit the club's website

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