Marlborough will need to be on target

Defending champions Marlborough will face strong opposition from Christchurch, Ellesmere and East Otago at the annual Andrew and Faulkner Shield smallbore shooting representative match in Oamaru tomorrow.

With approximately 15 open and six junior teams, the match is the largest event on the South Island smallbore shooting calendar and has been held at different locations since 1939.

Marlborough won their last shoulder-to-shoulder rep match, the DB Seddon Districts, earlier in the season.

Marlborough: Regan Cowe (c), Val Wadsworth, Leon Griebel, Malcolm Dodson, Richard Sampey, Bradley Palatchie, David Dick, Rex Schroder, Kim Bishell, Terry Knight. Emergency: Peter Webster.

Club scores

Monday, July 22


Master grade: Richard Sampey 100.5. B grade: Aussie Chauval 96.5, Eddie Love 93.2, Richard Evans 98.5, Philip Robinson 89.2. D grade: Dawn Ackers-Chauval 90.3. Visitors: Jon Griffiths 88.1, Caleb Griffiths 88.4.


Master grade: Regan Cowe 98.7, Val Wadsworth 96.2. B grade: Rex Schroder 95.4, John Chauval 97.4, Glenn Harris 94.2, Nicole Irvine 98.5, Sue Cresswell 97.5. C grade: Josh Leach 98.4, Richard Norton 97.4, Rachel Bishell 89.1, Charlie Bryant 96.4, Peter Webster 94.2, Jo Marfell 94.2. D grade: Josh Schroder 94.1, Graeme Stenhouse 84.1, Bradley Stenhouse 85.2, Liam Harris 72, Dawn Ackers-Chauval 95.2, Daniel Stenhouse 65 , Richard Feather 92.1, Emma Marfell 68, Grace Buckthought 91.1, Greg Hyson 90.1. Visitors: Levi Pouwhare 67.1, Bailey Smith 86.1, Andrew Goodsir 89, Bailey Pouwhare 58, Toby Bryant 82.1.

Tuesday, July 23


Master grade: Malcolm Dodson 100.9. A grade: David Dick 98.2. C grade: Clinton Whyte 93, Steve Neal 92.1. D grade: Martin Rowe 95.3, William VanAsch 97.6. Visitor: Leighton Neal 93.2, Jock VanAsch 93.2.

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