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16:00, Feb 07 2014
Sharilyne Waldron
Avid cyclist Sharilyne Waldron is getting into the spirit of Marlborough's Go By Bike Day

Five weeks after surgery for a partial knee realignment, Sharilyne Waldron, of Blenheim, then aged 25, was involved in a major car crash that left her hospitalised for five days.

The former modern jazz dance teacher said the crash had exacerbated the damage to her knee, accumulated from years of dancing.

"Because the surgery was so new, it just totally rendered it pointless," she says.

Sharilyne Waldron
Sharilyne Waldron

Sharilyne continued to teach her dance classes, which she did for about 20 years, but the pain in her knee has never ceased.

"It still gives me a lot of pain," she says.

"I know just about every pain product on the market. It's kind of what brought me into the natural health scene - finding natural ways and solutions to help ease the pain."


Sharilyne, who works at Health 2000 in Blenheim, moved up from Otago with her family seven years ago.

"That's when I really got into my [bike] riding because the environment here is perfect for it," she says.

Despite her injury, being fit and healthy had remained important to Sharilyne, alongside enjoying life and making the most of it.

Cycling was the low-impact form of exercise Sharilyne took up when walking became too painful to bear.

From cycling about two to three times a week when she first came to Blenheim, Sharilyne now cycles about 40 minutes on most days.

She preferred not to enter cycling events in case it would do further damage to her knee.

"I bike about 10 km every morning and then I bike to and from work everyday."

"I've always preferred to bike on my own.

"I've always seen it as ‘me time'. It's a daily ritual."

Sharilyne was keen to share her enthusiasm of cycling with others.

This month is national Bike Wise Month, which involves activities that promote cycling as a healthy, fun and safe way to travel.

She encouraged people to get involved in Marlborough's Go By Bike Day on Wednesday next week. People who biked to the venues on their way work or school would be given a free breakfast.

"I think it's fantastic. We really need to encourage and promote people to get out on their bikes," Sharilyne said.

Event co-ordinator Lynne Haines, of Avantiplus Blenheim, said the day was about getting people more active, decreasing the country's carbon footprint and promoting road safety.

"The message we want to get across is, ‘leave your car at home and bike to work, bike to school - just get on your bike, really," she said.

Marlborough's Go By Bike Day is being held from 7.30am till 9am on Wednesday at Liz Davidson Place in Blenheim, and Le Cafe, on London Quay, in Picton.

Anyone who turns up on their bike will get a free breakfast on their way to work or school. 

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