London ready for the Olympics

18:42, Jul 30 2012

Picton woman Cheryl Maister , who is in London, writes on Friday about the build-up to the opening ceremony for the Olympics.

A perk for the London volunteers (ie the Games Makers with the shocking pink uniforms) was the chance to buy or win tickets for the secret dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony.

It was inevitable that some would not be able to resist the chance to twitter their experience.

Regardless of this, word has it that the opening ceremony is sensational.

The footpaths and public spaces have become the stage for the cultural olympics, an important part of every Olympic Games.

Thousands attend a concert in Hyde Park, street theatre abounds, bands play, flags are juggled, people gather and dance and cheer and laugh.


Traffic moves slowly. It isn't chaos. It is a challenge.

There is a lot of information about as to which routes to avoid. The Olympic lanes have opened and a hefty fine of £130 is imposed on those who transgress.

London is hotting up. Sticky 30 degree days.

Some trains have been delayed because of heat damage to the rails and there are some who blame the London 2012 organisers for that!

Security has intensified. Helicopters circle all day and a huge blimp has appeared in the skies . . . the all seeing eye. It is full of surveillance equipment.

Heavily armed troops with guns at the ready are more visible on the streets now. After all this is the biggest show on earth.

Most women who are 8 months pregnant look forward to their unborn child kicking. Most eight month pregnant women are not members of an Olympic team.

But a Malaysian athlete is eight months pregnant and wishes her unborn babe would be still as she trains for her air pistol shooting event. She is going for gold, seriously.

On Thursday night night we got tangled up in the crowds lining the route of the Olympic flame as it winds its way through central London. We strained to see who was running this lap. No less than the Secretary General of United Nations.

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