Modern design meets mellow vintage

The home of Hanna and Michiel Eradus is a gorgeous mix of vintage and vogue. Sophie Preece finds a trove of treasures.

A white and headless porcelain dog sits faithfully on an antique wooden filing cabinet.

Behind the lilies blooming from his neck is a neon sign reading "love", and a tall grandfather clock fashioned from cardboard.

The wonderful little corner of incongruous pieces epitomises Hanna and Michiel Eradus' Marlborough home, where modern design meets mellow vintage and both are enhanced through the marriage.

Like the three simple white shelves at the heart of the living room, where stately silver candlesticks neighbour a tiny fawn under a glass dome, and a Crown Lynn swan floats up to little houses of recycled wood.

Follow a curved white wall from there to the kitchen to find an old pew pulled up to a worn wooden table, painted white.

The rustic pieces find the perfect partner in a huge white lampshade hanging above, which interior designer, friend and neighbour Alex Fulton dabbed with big black dots to replicate a designer piece Hanna had admired.

Alex was also the source of the door mat at the entrance, announcing the neighbours have better things, and a small plaque on the wall inside demanding that you "Punch fear in the face".

White walls and floors provide a perfect blank canvas for the family's collected treasures, and ensure that despite Hanna's penchant for design and internet shopping, the home has retained a sense of space.

That white wash is broken in the kids' den, where wallpaper depicting swans on black waters makes for a gorgeous retreat.

Poppy, Ana and Sadie have provided their mother with more opportunity to indulge in design, and each has a gorgeous personalised gallery of art above their beds.

The modern Springlands home stretches long and lean down its section, with a wide, flax-draped deck on one side, and matching wide lawns on the other.

Before it was theirs, Hanna often wondered what it looked like inside, so when they saw a For Sale sign six years ago they took

the opportunity, and loved the home's flow and light.

The fact Hanna was in labour with her second daughter Ana when the sale of their old Hospital Rd villa went through, means it's easy to recall the dates of the move.

Within a month, maroon and navy walls on the new house had been painted white, a maroon benchtop had been replaced with a thick white Corian island, and the family had moved in.

Hanna is originally from Hawke's Bay but was working in banking in Amsterdam in 2001 when she met Michiel, who had lived in Auckland since his family emigrated from Holland in 1982.

His parents Har and Sophie spent 20 years in the flower industry in Auckland before buying land in the Awatere Valley in 1999 and setting up Breloft Vineyard.

In 2000 they moved to Marlborough and established Eradus Wines, which Hanna and Michiel took over after moving to Marlborough a decade ago.

Hanna's next task is to transform the vineyard house into guest accommodation, which seems the perfect excuse to find more treasure.

- Marlborough Express