Tussock Run funds school computers

01:09, Aug 25 2014
Tussock Run
FUN RUN: Sam Foster, left, and Maddi Robinson hit their stride in the 5km run.

More than 380 people laced up their shoes and hit the ground running yesterday for the annual Tussock Run raising money for Seddon School.

Seddon School principal Tania Pringle said about $12,000 was raised, which would go toward iPads and laptops for each of the six classrooms at the school.

Laura Main, 9, who took part in the 5km run with friends Erin Green, 8, and Sahara Odell, 9, said it was hard, but she was glad she finished.

"There were a lot of hills and the stones were a bit bumpy," she said.

"My legs are tired now."

Seddon volunteer firefighters Michelle Renner, Jonny Everett and Phil Noakes walked the 5km course in about 40 minutes. They each carried breathing apparatus on their backs, which added about 17kg of extra weight.


Noakes said it was a good challenge for them and despite sore shoulders it was good to get out and do it.

Seddon woman Margaret Marfell, 79, walked the 5km with her daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter.

It was important for elderly people to keep moving, otherwise their bodies would seize up, she said.

She almost didn't make it to the finish line, she said.

"When I saw that hill, I didn't think I could do it," she said.

"But I just kept going and it wasn't as bad as I thought."

Multisport athlete Jeremy McKenzie defended his title and was the first runner on the 15km course to finish, with a time of 15 minutes 59 seconds, while Annabelle Latz was the first woman back with a time of 1:08.47.

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