Five top gadgets for your holiday

22:39, Dec 26 2013

Holidays are a time to put away the gadgets that tie you to your job and bring out the ones that help you have fun.

The worst holiday gadget is your laptop as it is a reminder of your job, and besides it's too heavy to cart around. It's best to try and spend your time with gadgets that help you relax or distract you from your "real" life.

1. Bluetooth speaker

What says holiday like listening to your favourite music. It's easy to use your phone or music player to connect and play some songs while not having to cart around anything too big. Most come with batteries so you can take it camping - just remember to be considerate of your neighbours. The Logitech UE Mobile Boombox is small and cheap ($140).

2. E-reader

One of the best things about holidays is the amount of time you have to catch up on reading. E-readers are great for this as they can hold hundreds of books, are light and, unlike tablets, there is no temptation to use other apps to check on work. A top pick here is the latest Kindle Paperwhite ($219); however, the basic Kindle ($129) is also good value.


3. Camera

Sometimes your smartphone camera just doesn't cut it, and since you want the best possible photos from your holiday it can be a good idea to get a dedicated camera. You can go compact with a basic camera such as the Samsung WB150F ($300) or the retro-looking Fujifilm X20 ($800) or an entry-level digital SLR such as the Canon EOS 100D ($975).

4. Headphones

There is nothing better than chilling out in the sun to some good music. It's also nice to use headphones as a way to escape the noise of the family or fellow campers. It's probably best to stick to over-the-ear headphones as it gives you a better sound, helps block outside noise and is quieter for others. If you want quality but don't want to spend too much, try the Skullcandy Crusher ($200) or if you want a bargain try the JVC Flats ($25).

5. Fitness tracker

If you are one of those people who love exercising even while on holiday, then a fitness tracker will come in handy. While others are lazing around thinking about how they will start running in the new year, you could already be gloating over the number of kilometres you've run. One of the best gadgets for this is the Fitbit Flex ($160) which tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.

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