Beach Party play it for laughs

22:49, Mar 03 2014
Chinese Beach Party
Party time: New Blenheim band Chinese Beach Party – from left, Jim Tannock, Gregg Slatter, James Crockett, Glenn Kirby and Matthew Hellriegel.

Chinese Beach Party has had a comical start to their career.

Their first gig was interrupted by a streaker and a howling dog and during their second outing their guitarist had to hold the drum after the kick-peddle broke during the first song.

The indie outfit from Blenheim joke they will let their music do the talking during their next gig, at Framingham Harvest Concert on Friday to kick off another vintage.

They will be supporting The Nudge and resident wine fraternity band The Dead Parrots at the gig.

Chinese Beach Party are made up of Glenn Kirby, Gregg Slatter, James Crockett, Jim Tannock and Matt Hellriegel.

On their Facebook page they describe their sound as "post coital Indie pop". "It's the kind of music you listen to after having sex," said bassist Jim Tannock. "I wrote that because it amused me."


Drummer Matt Hellriegel joked their big noise was "definitely not pre-coital".

The five-piece have built up a jokey camaraderie that comes with spending hours together each week creating their own compositions.

Like all good bands, coming up with a name that makes no sense is par for the course.

"We came up with the name Chinese Beach Party because I am sure Gregg has been to a beach party in China," Tannnock says with a laugh.

"He has the beach thong to prove it.

"More seriously, we decided it was a name that best described the way we feel."

The band show hints of American 1990s alternative rock band The Pixies and stadium rockers Kings of Leon before reaching a style unique to them.

Tannock said their music tastes transcended generations X and Y.

"My music movement is called ‘dad core'. I have been playing base since I was 17.

"I have been in bands previously and took a break when I had kids. This is my second bash."

Their songs are penned by lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player Glenn Kirby with a few collaborations along the way.

Hellriegel said it was difficult to pick a standout track.

"Your favourite song is always your last - that moment of creativity when you get really excited and think you have done something amazing lasts about 10 seconds."

The Framingham Harvest Concert is focused on the alternative mucic scene, Tannock said.

"It is the premiere music event for Marlborough.

"You won't see acts like the Beat Girls, who are glorified karaoke," he said.

Tickets are $35 and are on sale at Framingham cellar door, Conders Bend Rd and Winos, Grove Rd. The concert takes place between 6.30pm and 11pm at Framingham Winery, Conders Bend Rd, Renwick.

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