Shop wisely to save

16:00, Mar 14 2014

Do you dread the weekly grocery shop?

Usually buy the same groceries each week and no matter how you try you can't get the bill down?

You shop only for the basics your household will require each week and still spend more than you intended.

Thought of shopping smarter?

There are many well-known tips regarding grocery shopping - don't shop when you are hungry, make a list and stick to it and shop while the children are at school to avoid buying items you wouldn't normally purchase.

Shopping smarter throws a twist on these tried and true tips and here is how it works.


Shop for your family staples when they are on special.

Use the weekly supermarket mailers to shop for the items you regularly buy when they are on special. If your budget allows buy more than one of some items to use later.

You then have them on hand and won't have to buy the item next week when it is back at its regular price.

Shopping for specials may mean you visit three supermarkets each week but in Blenheim they are close enough to each other to make this an effective way to save a few dollars.

Depending on where you live, of course, the true cost of travel to savings will differ for everyone.

Buy in bulk when possible. When meat is on special buy extra to freeze for later.

Separate into meal lots and freeze in freezer bags or for extra savings use the plastic bags you have purchased your fruit in.

Potatoes are a great filler on a plate, but 10kg may be more than you can use before they start to sprout and wrinkle.

Share the cost of the 10kg bag with a friend and divide the potatoes between you. When 10kgs is $6.99 you get 5 kgs for $3.50 - that is a good saving.

Try supermarket brands.

All supermarkets have their own product lines which are often cheaper than commercial brands and the quality is often comparable.

Savings can be up to 34 per cent cheaper for similar branded items.

A close look in the refrigerated section can reveal some great specials as items are often reduced in price as they near their best before or use buy date.

Shopping smarter - see how it can make a difference to your weekly grocery bill and remember every little saving helps.

For free assistance with budgeting contact the Marlborough Family Budgeting Service on 578 2006 or visit us at 25 Alfred Street 10am - 3pm or by arrangement.

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