Quiz November 5

1. In the words of a Crowded House song, what was going nowhere on the mantelpiece?

2. Name the year in which the Beatles released their first album, Ronnie Biggs and his associates carried out the Great Train Robbery and 23 people died in a plane crash in the Kaimai Ranges.

3. How many of the four rugby tests against South Africa in 1949 did the All Blacks win?

4. Sue Chetwin heads which New Zealand institution?

5. Which male christian name is also the word for a semi-precious red stone?

6. In which Indian city would you find the Taj Mahal?

7. Which famous Australian winemaking region was named after an 1811 battle between the British and French armies?

8. Who wrote the story on which the film Whale Rider was based?

9. Accountants refer to it as FBT. What is its full name?

10. Which sport takes its name from the soft, squeezable rubber ball used?

ANSWERS: 1. A small boat made of china; 2. 1963; 3. None; 4. Consumer NZ; 5. Jasper; 6. Agra; 7. The Barossa Valley; 8. Witi Ihimaera; 9. Fringe benefits tax; 10. Squash.

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