Potters' pieces offered for sale

01:11, Nov 07 2012

The Marlborough Community Potters are holding their annual sale and exhibition at a new venue this year, moving from their regular spot at McKendry's Motors in Arthur St to the foyer at St Andrew's Church on the corner of Alfred and Henry streets.

The potters will set up shop on Sunday across the road from the Hunter's Garden Marlborough Fete being held in Seymour Square on the same day.

Fete patrons can take an easy stroll over the road to check out some fine hand-crafted pottery.

Called Art of the Earth, the sale and exhibition will feature hundreds of items for sale, from useful everyday objects like honey pots to ornate bowls and figurines.

"All the work is what has been created by the members over the year," explained organiser Wendy Mein.

"These are all amateur potters, who do this in their spare time but they create some wonderful work."


The club has about 60 members, with about 20 contributing to their showcase.

The pottery will be very reasonably priced, with truly one-off items on sale.

The sale and exhibition will run from 9am till 3.30pm.

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