Little Ocean taste the big time

02:21, Feb 05 2013
Little Oceans
Little Oceans

Pop rock band Little Oceans are hoping a trip to record in one of the country's best music studios last week will also help them take the next step in their music careers.

Band members Josh Edmonds (guitar), Sam Edmonds (drums) and vocalist Matt Johnston were in Auckland last week to make a six track live recording at Neil Finn's Round Head Studios.

The band, originally from Marlborough and based in Nelson, were offered the recording time after winning a New Zealand On Air Wildcard grant in November when their single Focus Harder topped music chart The Audience.

Little Oceans
Little Oceans band members Sam Edmonds, Matthew Johnston and Josh Edmonds.

Josh Edmonds said the experience of working with top sound recording professionals and recording for the first time in a major studio had inspired the band.

"It was wicked, when you step into it the whole studio has got this vibe to it. It was definitely a taste of the big time. All the gear is top notch.

"They had this huge plastic box full, about $10,000 worth of guitar pedals just sitting on the floor," Edmonds said.


The band put in a lot of hard work preparing and recording had gone very well. The session was also filmed and would be good promotional material, Edmonds said. The trip also helped them meet some contacts they hope will help them secure a recording contract for their debut album, which they hope to release by the middle of the year.

"In the music industry it's all about who you know, making the contacts, making friends and we got some really positive feedback and some good contacts," he said.

As part of their NZ On Air grant the band also received $10,000 to record their single Focus Harder and a music video for the song and they were working on ideas for how to spend the money.

The band were also enjoying being back in the more relaxed atmosphere of Nelson and although there was some temptation to move away they hope to be staying in the top of the south for a while yet, Edmonds said.

"We don't want to move to Auckland because we're really loving Nelson, but Nelson doesn't have the recording studios. We want to base ourselves in Nelson but do tours and go to Auckland to do some recording."

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