Artist rises to challenge of Big Thing

20:47, Feb 25 2013

A new exhibition for Marlborough Art Society members promises to be a Big Thing.

Artists interested in submitting works for the show, opening on Friday night at the Yealands Estate Marlborough Gallery, Blenheim, have to present an image measuring 800 millimetres or more across.

Member Lesley Griffiths, whose original artworks have a typical width of 300mm, decided to take up the challenge. Pastels are her favourite medium and she used them to reproduce a photograph she took one day while enjoying an early-morning walk in Pollard Park.

To recreate the image in pastels, she spent two to three hours most days over a six-week period. Last week the completed work had been framed and was ready to submit to the gallery today.

Producing a bigger work was not difficult, she says, but the extra size did require her to dig a little deeper into her art budget to pay for the extra pastels.

Griffiths says about 20 art society members will exhibit works. The works can be seen until Sunday, March 17.



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