Girls to meet Prince William

21:31, Apr 02 2014
Olivia Burns
Golden voices: Marlborough Girls' College students Olivia Burns, 16, and Alice Schofield, 16, will be singing the New Zealand national anthem during the wreath laying ceremony in Blenheim on APril 10 that will be attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The dream of millions of young women around the world will be realised by Marlborough teenagers Olivia Burns, 16, and Alice Schofield, 16, when they meet Prince William.

The teens were chosen by the Marlborough District Council to sing the New Zealand national anthem at the wreath laying ceremony in Seymour Square, Blenheim on Thursday next week. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend and the prince will be introduced to Olivia and Alice, along with other special guests, after the anthem has been sung.

"We were sent an email with the protocols and have to curtsey when we shake his hand and say: ‘Pleased to meet your royal highness'.

Their time near the royals won't be limited to just a quick handshake, though.

They have also been asked to follow the duke and duchess as they do their walk around Seymour Square and collect up any gifts of flower bouquets for them.

When the two best friends heard that the royal tour would include Blenheim, they hoped to catch a glimpse of the royal couple, but never imagined they would get to meet the prince.


They are not nervous about their performance, but on the day it might be a different story.

Olivia says: "It's an overwhelming feeling to have been asked to sing the anthem. I'm sure we will be really nervous on the day but we have been singing the anthem for so long that I don't think we will have a problem."

She and Alice are talented and experienced singers, performing most weekends together.

They enjoy singing the more challenging styles like jazz and cabaret, and this year began singing the national anthem at citizenship ceremonies.

"We've been singing all our lives really, and started singing together since we started college," Alice says.

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