Where can I eat on a stat day?

A Retailers' Association member is calling on Blenheim eateries to catalogue their opening hours so visitors know where they can eat out on public holidays.

Association southern regional manager Brian Finlayson, who lives in Blenheim, said the list of cafes and restaurants could be circulated to hotel owners and i-Site staff so they could recommend places to guests.

"I can see Blenheim growing and developing but we really have to cater for the people coming to town," he said. "We have got towns not far away that are leaving us behind because they cater to the tourist market."

He would also like to see more Blenheim eateries and independent retailers opening their doors on public holidays.

Destination Marlborough general manager Tracy Johnston said the organisation provided a service similar to what Mr Finlayson had suggested, with the opening hours of wineries and restaurants available on its website.

It was not an exhaustive list, however, and she encouraged the industry to keep the i-Site up to date, particularly as Easter weekend approached, bringing lots of people to town for the Classic Fighters airshow at Omaka.

If a more in-depth list was needed, this could be raised with the Marlborough District Council, she said.

Marlborough Chamber of Commerce general manager Brian Dawson said it was important to make sure visitors had an easy and convenient experience. "There is nothing more annoying than being recommended a place to eat and then turning up and finding the place closed."

Restaurant Association Marlborough branch president Marcel Rood said it would be good if restaurants were more conscientious about letting people know their opening hours.