Nomura heads to wine festival

18:44, Feb 04 2014
COOKING STAR: Sachie Nomura has had a speedy rise from obscurity to television stardom.

Celebrity chef Sachie Nomura says she can't wait to get to Marlborough this weekend for the 30th annual Marlborough Wine & Food Festival on Saturday.

The owner of award-winning chef school Sachie's Kitchen in Auckland will only be in the province for the day but says she wishes she could stay longer.

"I've been her once before, in October last year, to film for my television show - I really wish I could have stayed longer.

"Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great but we had one beautiful day when we went to visit the New Zealand King Salmon farms," Sachie says.

Salmon will be the focus of her two cooking demonstrations at the festival.

She will prepare an Asian summer salad with salmon and steamed salmon with mushrooms in a Japanese style.


The second dish is close to her heart having spent the first 18 years of her life in Japan.

The summer salad turned out to be perfect with a Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

"I didn't design the dish with a particular wine in mind but my goodness it goes well with a sauvignon," Sachie says.

Produce in New Zealand is some of the best in the world and something that one only really appreciates when they go abroad.

She travels back to her home country and other parts of Asia regularly to find inspiration and new ideas for her dishes.

"New Zealand has just absolutely amazing produce. We are so lucky here," she says.

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