Clifford Bay perspective

03:03, Jan 28 2013
Cable Station
Breezy in summer and warm in winter but with low electricity costs and the scenery is amazing.

Geoff Rogers and Katrina Delzainne weren't even interested in the property market.

They both had fantastic, character homes with no intention of selling. But five years ago, a trip down to Marlborough from Wellington and a chance Sunday drive changed all of that.

"We were walking down Cable Station Rd, talking about real estate and the amount we were spending on rates, even though half the time our respective homes sat empty.

"Then when we saw the house and property at 317 we actually said simultaneously - 'now if that was for sale, I would sell my house'. And literally minutes later we encountered the neighbour who said it was up for auction the following week."

Hours can be whiled away for Geoff jamming on his saxophone in the implement shed where the acoustics are great.

And there is plenty of room for his mates to come down and join in the music with the doors wide open to the view and sea air from Clifford Bay.


At this time of the year Katrina enjoys her morning stroll to the glass house, garden and orchard which provide an abundance of fruit and veges. The recent garlic harvest was a great success.

"Nothing beats picking home- grown organic produce and enjoying it the same day. Being a foodie and having enough land to grow produce or run a few livestock on is heavenly."

Seasons bring change to their lifestyle, but only in a positive way. Summer is wonderful, "really wonderful" says Katrina, always long and hot, but not unbearable because of the sea breeze.

After a busy day, there is almost nothing better than relaxing on one of the decks, listening to the sound of the waves and looking across Blind River to the Yealands Vineyards - even better with a glass of Marlborough wine in hand.

A stroll down the road to watch people surfcasting from the beach is also a favourite pastime, or long walks hoping to catch a glimpse of seals or whales.

However Katrina and Geoff have actually found that it's wintertime when the property really comes into its own.

"The rain always seems to bypass us here and even though the nights are cold, being close enough to the sea means frosts generally aren't a problem.

"We stoke up the Wagener coal range with wood from the property and pop in a casserole or roast for a slow-cooked meal. If it's really cold, once the Wagener has heated the water, we switch the system over to underfloor heating, " says Katrina.

"Or we can be truly decadent and light the open fire in the lounge or even out in the logia to go and sit outside and stargaze."

The house itself is modern, but full of interesting character. When Geoff or Katrina's friends and family visit and have moved past taking in the amazing scenery, they comment on such things as the large walk-in shower, the stained glass windows, the bright colour scheme, the outdoor bath and even the copper guttering.

"We are always blown away by the fantastic response this place invokes and we love that it's an absolute breeze to clean, " Katrina says.

"The polished concrete floors are so hard wearing - they have been walked over by stilettos to gumboots. Even a wayward donkey. But a quick mop and they come up good as new."

The kitchen is compact but with the deep tin-lined wooden drawers and there is a walk-in pantry.

"I have plenty of room for my culinary toys. If the Wagener is unlit, the gas hobs and electric oven come into their own. It really is a joy to cook in."

Now, with new adventures on the horizon, Katrina and Geoff are content to say goodbye to their Cable Station home.

But what are the things they will miss the most?

"Standing on the lawn, watching the sun rise over the North Island, it is just breathtaking. The incredibly clear night sky, a peaceful and serene world away from the hustle and bustle of city living, and definitely how warm it is - even in winter the power bills rarely go above $75 per month."

With no regrets moving from the Wellington region to Marlborough, Geoff and Katrina agree that anyone who wants to experience the best of lifestyles would love it at 317 Cable Station Rd.


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