Think design

04:22, Feb 16 2013

It is always reassuring to know that there is another way to achieve the results you are after. So you come up with an idea for your garden - great! You have a clear picture of what needs doing but you are not sure how to turn these ideas into reality and how much it might cost.

Pricing of landscaping jobs is very complicated as there are many unknown factors that need to be assumed, but there is usually a more economical method of getting the end result.

When it comes to landscaping each project is typically defined by two criteria - money and time. If you have plenty of either you do not need much of the other.

Plenty of money will allow the job to be completed quickly and by others to a high standard.

Plenty of time will allow you to grow the plants you require from seed or from cuttings and your labour can, with the correct skills, construct the hard landscaping in your garden to a high standard.

But before one starts constructing a garden it is important to get a plan to suit your financial or temporal budget.


This is where my vision as a designer can be very helpful, saving you significant money or labour.

This is because there are many options that will create the same effect. For example, you need access down a steep slope. You were thinking steps but I am thinking a gently graduating path running through your garden creating better access while being safer and more economical to install.

Voila! Huge savings in an instant.

Perhaps you want something to look unique rather than mass produced.

Trellis is a good example. Ordinary mass produced trellis looks old and tired as soon as it is out of the shop.

It is a design no-no in my book.

It falls apart quickly and looks so out of place anywhere except an old villa garden.

For the same money but a bit more of your time you could have something really interesting that suits your property. So no cash savings but a sure fire way to add value to your property.

As a designer I have to think outside the square to make sure that I can create gardens to realistic and affordable budgets. These days many houses look practically the same but their gardens and grounds do not have to suffer this lack of individuality.

Your garden is the canvas to express yourself.

All that colour, shape, form and structure that can be used so cleverly to create gorgeous spaces for a surprisingly low budget.

Every garden is as unique as its owner and it is from my client brief that I can gather all the information I need about you and your garden wish list.

When I combine this information with my experience, education and skills I can create the perfect garden for you that accounts for all the practicalities of modern living but makes the garden look fabulous.

If you are going down either of the two routes, "big budget, time poor" or "time rich, low budget" it is worth investing in a phone call to see what a professional designer can do to help you before you embark on what is a challenging and potentially money-wasting exercise if you get it wrong.

The more thought that goes into a design the better the result for less overall cost.

There is always another way to achieve the same results - just think about it.

The Marlborough Express