Aerial antics astound in the Sounds

This week the staff at Dolphin Watch & Nature Tours give us a round up of the amazing sights in the Marlborough Sounds over the past two weeks, which even included a kiwi sighting. 

In our morning swim brief we tell guests to make sure they look down as dolphins don't fly.

Ha, they have certainly proved us wrong this week.

Hector's, bottlenose and common dolphins have all been breaching and delighting both swimmers and viewers on board.

When a 200-500kg mammal propels itself out of the sea and into the air it is truly mesmerising.

Various pods of bottlenose have been cruising the Sounds all this week with one pod spending quite a bit of time in and around Picton Harbour.

Hector's dolphins have also been feeling the summer silliness, repeatedly leaping out of the water in an upright stance and staring right into the eyes of guests on the front deck.

Not to be forgotten of course, the common dolphins who turned up to surprise us in a pod of about 150.

As they cruised along they were definitely a sight to see as the water was alive with dolphins as far as the eye could see.

The New Zealand fur seals have also been a highlight with their cheeky personalities and their model-like poses on the rocky coastline.

Motuara Island continues to impress visitors with its variety of rare and endangered bird species.

On our guided tour this week people even got to see a wild kiwi!

It seems a few of the rowi (Okarito brown kiwi) living on the island quite fancy the penguin boxes, so a quick peek to look at the little blue penguins turned into a very special treat.

As national Seaweek approaches there is no better time to reflect on how lucky we are to have all of this right at our back door.

Unlike in many parts of the world, you don't have to be a millionaire to access and enjoy the beauty of the Marlborough Sounds but we must not forget this fragile marine environment constantly needs our help.

Seaweek is a great opportunity to get involved or even plan your own event that helps directly or raises awareness about the health of our ocean.

To see what's on in the Marlborough area check out and get amongst it.

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