Footage highlights NZ's shocking driving

08:19, Jun 06 2014

New Zealand's roads are only as safe as those using them, and alarming new footage shows Kiwi drivers might not be as good as they think they are.

Fuel distributor Z Energy has contracted tanker drivers travelling the country's roads 24 hours a day, and they see some of New Zealand's best and worst driving, Z corporate communications spokeswoman Christine Langdon said.

In-cab cameras across the Z tanker fleet have been introduced, and show some of the startling manoeuvres their drivers encounter - often a split second away from tragedy.

"When we saw some of the footage we really couldn't believe it," Langdon said.  

The company decided to make the footage public to see what other New Zealanders thought of what they had seen, in the hope of starting a discussion and raising awareness about driver safety, she said.  

"We're conscious that we've got people on the road from our business all the time, our customers are out on the road and it's really important to us to support safer behaviour on New Zealand's roads."

"Our inspiration was essentially to get some discussion going about driver safety in New Zealand, and road safety in general - it's not just drivers taking risks, you see in the footage there is a cyclist pulling out in front of a truck as well," Langdon said.  

New Zealanders liked to think they were good drivers, but the footage showed risk-taking behaviour that meant the roads were unsafe at times, she said.