Granny loves her 1934 hot rod

01:55, Jun 19 2012
TOP ROD: Lincoln grandmother Maureen Fairburn has built a 1934 Ford Coupe, one of New Zealand's most expensive hot rods.

A former drag-racer is turning heads with her new hot rod.

Grandmother-of-four Maureen Fairburn's customised 1934 Ford Coupe has attracted plenty of attention since it arrived in Canterbury from Auckland.

Fairburn, of Lincoln, said the purple hot rod, with its supercharged Chrysler Hemi motor, was a street-legal drag car.

"Everywhere I go, people are stopping and staring and taking photos of it," she said.

"They're absolutely blown away because it's something very different."

The car's dashboard was signed by Billy Gibbons, lead guitarist of United States rock band ZZ Top, during the group's visit to New Zealand last month.


Fairburn said her husband, Eddie, found the coupe body in Australia, but most of the parts were imported from the United States. The work took about a year.

She was unsure how much had been spent, but she knew cars of similar quality cost more than $100,000 to build.

"I think it's going to be one of New Zealand's top show cars. This one is outstanding," she said. "I'm driving it around the streets all the time because we've got to get our money's worth out of it."

Fairburn was a top drag-racer in the 1980s with her Ford T-Bucket, named Devil Woman.

Cars were "in the blood", but she was not a show off.

"I do it because it's my sport," she said. "We felt if we built it up for drags it would never get used, so we thought we would street it and get the use out of it."

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