'69 Camaro best Chevy of all time

BEST EVER CHEVY?: A 1969 Camaro.
BEST EVER CHEVY?: A 1969 Camaro.

More than 124,000 Chevrolet fans have voted on their PCs, iPads and smartphones, to make the 1969 Camaro the greatest Chevy of all time.

The voting campaign was part of Chevrolet's centennial celebration with the US brand posting a survey on its website.

Chevrolet says that the 1969 model was the final year of the Camaro's original design and it paced the Indianapolis 500 for the second time.

The vehicle has featured in numerous movies and, according to Chevrolet, is still considered one of the hottest looking rides of the classic muscle car era.

We can't see how the 1963 split-screen Corvette Stingray didn't take the title. What do you think?

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